So youre looking to achieve financial freedom with your home business?

Well thats great because your network marketing success is right at your fingertips. I know this because youve been searching for it, and you finally found this letter.

I also know there are better ways to build your home business than just buying leads, holding home meetings, and bugging your friends and family members. So how else are you supposed to build a downline without knocking on doors like the UPS guy?

Simple: by becoming an attractive leader. Instead of trying to sell your opportunity to your Uncle Bob, why not build knowledge, skill, and leadership that your prospects are thirsty for? Make that your focus, and youll have endless amount of prospects chasing you to join your downline. Use these 5 simple keys to build your own value, and youll instantly become the hunted instead of the hunter in the network marketing industry.

Key to Network Marketing Success #1: Learn to Market.

Your prospects are hungry to learn this skill. Lead generation is the pulse of any home business. Its no wonder 97% of people fail once theyve worked their warm market, and bought over-priced leads from lead companies that promised them the world.

Learn to generate 10-20 leads per day for yourself using low-cost, highly effective advertising methods such as ezines, Myspace, and blogs. You dont need to be an expert to use any one of these tools.

All you need are minor computer skills, and a resource that can teach you how to use these tools step by step. Just do a search on Google or Yahoo and youll find tons of resources that will teach you. Pick one of these methods and spend time mastering it.

Key to Network Marketing Success #2: Find a Mentor.

This is probably the fastest way to build value and become an attractive leader. I cant say enough how crucial this is to building a massive downline.

One of the most overlooked keys to success is to find someone who is already having the same kind of results that you want. Its important that you pick a mentor that will guide you, and has leadership qualities that you can mirror and take on.

Have you noticed that when youre around someone long enough, you soon start to talk and think like them as well? Use this to your advantage.

So ask yourself, who are you hanging out with lately? Successful leaders? Or people who are struggling and thinking negatively? Find a mentor or two you can learn from, and do everything you can to be around them.

Key to Network Marketing Success #3: Sell Yourself First.

People are bombarded with business opportunities everyday, and youre going to have a hard time separating yourself from the pack. It can be an agonizing uphill battle to sell your opportunity.

The best way to overcome this hurdle is to sell yourself first. Be an attractive leader to your prospects by sharing your knowledge with them before ever mentioning your opportunity and products. Gain their trust by teaching them how to build a business before asking for anything in return.

Show them information, solutions, and a system they can use to be successful with. By doing this, you sell yourself as a trustworthy and knowledgeable mentor that people will want to work with. As human beings, were naturally attracted to leaders.

Now you may be asking how do I educate and give valuable information to others when Im not that successful? The answer lies in the next key

Key to Network Marketing Success #4: Continue to Learn.

The network marketing industry is always evolving and always changing. Its on a continuous growth, and so should you. Stay current by reading newsletters, articles, courses, and attending live seminars.

If youre new to the industry, then your objective at this point should be education! A vast majority of your time should be going towards learning. If youve been in network marketing for a while, then always be increasing your value.

You dont want to get left behind.

When was the last time you purchased a marketing book and really studied it? Do it now if you havent. Once you stop learning, you stop growing. Once you stop growing, so does your income!

Key to Network Marketing Success #5: Dont Give Up So Quickly.

Its so easy to get discouraged early and get off track. You hear all the hype about people making multiple six figures within their first month of business. Unfortunately, some people hang all of their hopes on that hype, and bounce around from opportunity to opportunity.

Sooner or later, theyll have to realize that its not the business or the product thats failing. It is themselves. The network marketing industry suffers from an alarming downline attrition rate, which means most people that join a business leave it within the first few months!

Understand that network marketing success is like learning to play an instrument. It rarely happens overnight, and it takes a lot of practice. Sure you can make a lot of money within your first year if you do things right, but you have to take small and measurable steps first.

Dedicate yourself to grow your business every single day, even if it means spending just 30 minutes on it. Study, listen, read, attend conference calls, and prospect on the phone.

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