Thanks to the rapid development of the Internet, many people interested in work from home get opportunities to earn for living in the comfort of their own home. This allows them to have more flexible schedule, less stress, and much more. I am freelancer, and I am constantly looking for new online marketplaces. I found this website – JobsFor10, that seems to be very interesting for both job seekers and companies or small business owners that are looking for workers. is a unique micro job marketplace, which focuses on small tasks that need to be done. People around the globe seeking for extra income as they work from home, by offering their services in form of micro jobs. You can buy or sell services for fixed prices of $ 5, $ 10 or $ 20, depending on the type of the job. Transactions are very safe and reliable. Buyers pay JobsFor10 for orders in advance and sellers get revenues when buyer is satisfied with delivered work. There is no risk that some job will not be completed. Seller can cancel the order, but there is negative ratings for that, unless it is mutual agreement.

Range of micro jobs is very diverse, from programming and social marketing to graphics and writing. You can get professional eBook cover, logo design, quality articles, even business advice on any topic. If you are a small business owner, it is pointless to look for full-time worker when you can hire skilled workers and decent talents occasionally, when you need them.

I saw a seller which offers to promote website or blog to his 50,000 twitter followers 5 times a day for 2 months for only $ 5. We all know how hard it can be to build social network profiles, to get followers on Twitter or Facebook. Wouldn’t it be nice to find someone who already have it and save your time? I can only imagine what these things can do for some small business owner, which is often tight on budget and time. There are also hundreds of people on JobsFor10 willing to make video tutorials or just to give voice to them.

Here are more interesting offers:
– I’ll complete a professional installation of WordPress on your server
– I’ll turn 500 words article into a how to video
– I’ll do an SEO audit of your website
– I’ll create you an HTML website
– I’ll create graphic designs, logo, website themes, leaflets for

Sellers offer just about any service you can imagine on this marketplace. You can find even some silly stuff like dog biscuit recipes, ideas for a perfect date, etc. Interested in finding a friend? You can get one for just $ 10. Really, even if you are not planning to buy or sell any micro job, it can be very interesting to read what people are willing to do for 10 bucks.

Can you earn same serious money on JobsFor10? Sure, but same as in “real” world, income completely depend on how hard you work and how unique is the service that you have to offer.

Whether you are a small business owner or freelancer searching for work from home, check out JobsFor10.