Since the mid 1990s one of the fastest growing objects has been the internet and its influence over just about every aspect of our lives.  From the way we look for information, to communicating with business associates and family to planning our lives, the internet has influenced just about everyone on the planet.  In fact, the growth rate of the internet far exceeds any other previous technology.  This growth rate has at times been curve geometric and sometimes it has grown exponentially. 

Think back to when you first used the internet and there were no search engines such as Google or Bing and certainly no videos or graphics to watch.  Now, we can just as easily watch a television show online as we can on our television.  In addition, the internet is no longer confined to our laptops or desktop computers.  We can now hold it in the palm of our hand on our phones or our tablets. 

The internet is actually growing in three different directions all at the same time.  It is growing in terms of size, processing power, and software sophistication.  In fact, it is growing so much and so fast, at times it almost seems unfathomable.  Of course, the most noticeable change to the internet has been in its overall size.  In fact, more than half of the world’s population will soon have access to the internet.  That is more than three billion people who can log onto the information superhighway at any time.  Computers and their power are also now doubling in both power and capacity every eighteen months.  This means that computer power is also keeping pace with the third area of growth and that is functionality.  Software applications continue to get more and more complex as they build on the previous technology available in order to become more and more sophisticated with each new release.  They will continue to evolve into new features and capabilities. 

As a result of the expanding internet and the fact that more and more people rely on it throughout their daily lives, the United States is pushing in order to bring service to each and every resident over the next ten years.  This expansion is made possible thanks to a huge influx of federal dollars and grants which will help fund the entire project. 

But it is not just the regular internet which is getting expanding, but also wireless internet as well.  President Obama has endorsed making 500 megahertz of the wireless airwaves available over the next decade.  This is to meet the growing need of broadband services for such devices as tablets and smartphones which are becoming more and more popular.  Without this move, people may find that there is not enough available space in order to operate their favorite wireless device.  These airwaves will come courtesy of repurposing portions of the spectrum where companies can give up what they have and it will be sold in an auction style format.  This move could raise several billion dollars in order to expand the spectrum available for consumers.