Want to win something quick and easy, without having to buy something to be eligible to winning a prize? Get onto a prize winning website. There are many websites onthe net offering prizes to anyone who will take a moment to log on and answer a few simple questions or play online games. The websites are a huge hit with people of all ages and all walks of life.

On these websites, you will stand a chance of winning all kinds of prizes from diapers to cosmetics, shoes, bags and other accessories and for the travelers, free hotel stays and air tickets. Bling lovers can score free jewelry or services like getting their jewelry cleaned.

The websites are supported by advertisements from companies or merchants who count on the bait of prizes to bring potential customers to the site where they can present their products and services to them. All kinds of companies will put up advertisements here. They are real estate developers, travel agencies, airlines, gift and handicraft shops, movie and music companies offering all manner of prizes from products to cash.

For example, music recording companies will run contests that require one to identify the words of a song, its title, an album title or information about a music artist. If correctly answered, one can win an album, concert tickets or other related prize. Magazine publishers will do the same, asking questions related to a personality and then awarding magazine copies or a subscription if the questions are correctly answered.

Phone companies also run contests. One is required to answer questions about the features on a phone and they could win it. They often do this to promote a new kind of phone that has just come out in the market.

Travel companies, airlines and hotels will also often offer prizes online. Airlines will sometimes offer free tickets and they may collaborate with a travel agency to offer free hotel stays to boost business especially during holiday seasons like during Easter and Christmas and holidays like Christmas when many people will be traveling.

Another group who will often offer promotional prizes is popular food chains.  They will offer free items upon purchase or give coupons for money off future purchases. Some will also offer prizes like t-shirts, mugs and other freebies with their name on it. Some will also offer tickets to recreational prizes like zoos and play parks especially targeting younger ones with the hope of getting loyalty to their products.

Supermarket chains and stores will also often have gifts to offer to get customers coming into their stores. Their gifts will be products, especially those that are their own brand. They may also offer discount coupons and points that can be redeemed against purchases. Others will offer items like magazines, movie tickets and other recreational items.

It’s also possible to win gifts online from some websites. This would be by playing contests like quizzes that have gifts as cash.

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