If you’re thinking about starting an eBay business or already have one, one of the best ways to increase your profits is with an eBay Store. An eBay Store is a absolute e-commerce answer that includes a personalized web URL; easy-to-use branding templates; reporting tools; built-in, automated marketing and retention tools; and simple, effective search engine optimization-all for $ 15.95 a month for the Basic package.

Your eBay Store contains auction-style listings and Store Inventory. Auction-style listings last for 10 days or less and show up in the center search on the main eBay site, as well as in your eBay Store. Store Inventory listings are Fixed-Price listings that last as long as you want at three cents per SKU per 30 days. These listings are incorporated in your eBay Store, but only show up on eBay’s main search if less than 20 items are available through other listings.

The great part of owning an eBay Store is search engine optimization. If you have set up your Store properly, it will show up on major search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo! If you are using eBay you have an audience to which you can sell your products, that is around 180 million people, but if your site is indexed by a search engine, then the whole world is a potential customer.

To be sure that you’re store is search engine optimized you will have to include relevant keywords to what you are selling in the store name, description and categories.

eBay says that their store owners have an average increase of over 25% in sales after they open up their own store. You can reach hundreds of potential customers when you start your own eBay Store.
Stores also raise the number of recurring customers you have. When selling as an individual member, other members won’t remember you or the service you provide, unless you will have something extraordinary that will make you stand out of the crowd.

By owning a store, more people will remember your store name and will send their friends and family to you. But having an eBay store is useless if you don’t have any product to put on it, right? This is why you will need good quality products from real wholesalers, that will give you the best prices and the best quality products.

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