Why should you commission a luxury interior designer? Would it be better to invest that money straight into your property? Aren’t there enough luxurious designs in the high street that you can choose yourself?

Obviously these are common questions, but there are several important factors that make it crucial to hire an expert.

Firstly when it comes to moving into a prestigious home or developing your prestigious home, space, size and proportions are very important. Although there are fantastic pieces of furniture in some well-known brand stores, they simply won’t fit the dimensions of a luxurious home they often appear too small and insignificant.

An experienced designer will be able to commission artisans to create bespoke pieces of furniture that not only meet your design tastes but match the proportions of your home too.

An interior expert will be able to bring the science and art of the whole project together. For example when creating new spaces by re-planning the structure of a room or building, your luxury interior designer will have the architectural experience and artistic eye to create far more than you can imagine. For example if you are an avid collector of antiques, these can be incorporated into new architectural layouts and room designs. The scale, fluidity and balance of such projects can be orchestrated perfectly by an experienced and qualified professional giving you the exquisite and luxurious home of your dreams.
If you do not commission a professional, will you have the experience, knowledge and organization skills to coordinate fitters, decorators, electricians, furniture and deliveries? Most people will be completely overwhelmed with the work involved, especially if structural changes are desired. This could potentially lead to you having average results that do not meet your aspirations.

Obviously an experienced designer has access to many contacts and resources that enable a whole project to run smoothly from the initial consultation through to the turnkey finish. Why would you not want to hire an experienced professional? Why take the risk? Investing a little extra in a luxurious designer and project manager will result in a home beyond your imagination that inspires, lifts and satisfies your every need.

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