White House released the list of its officers and their salaries last week, with the highest income of $ 172,000 a year. Their salaries depend on the positions which they are in. The officers working at White House are paid $ 82,700 a year and their salaries range from $ 21,000 to nearly $ 180,000 a year. The lowest full-time officers’ income is less than $ 38,000. 


In fact, 469 officers were paid over $ 38 million last year by White House. 23 others, including press secretary Robert Gibbs and senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, got the highest income of $ 172,000. Although their salaries are quite high, they are lower than two part-time officers – Michael Hash and Timothy Love. Their income is $ 179,700 in 2009. Meanwhile, Vice President Joe Biden makes roughly $ 230,000 a year. The following list is the White House’ officials who earn $ 172,000.

David Axelrod – senior advisor who helps president implement politic strategy


Melody C. Barnes – A director of home policy board


John O. Brennan- White House’s security consultant


Carol Browner- the director of energy policy and climate change office in White House


Stephanie Cutter is now an Obama’s advisor in strategy for his healthcare law


Rahm Emmanuel – White House’s chief


Jon Favreau who write speeches to President Obama


Patrick Gaspard (left) the director who undertakes policy matters for President Obama


Robert Gibbs – White House’s spoken man


Valerie Jarrett – a senior advisor


Susan Sher – a close friend of President Barck Obama


Lawrence Summers – former president of Harvard University, director of national economic council.


Mona Sutphen (right) – Deputy Chief of charge policy


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