As a new year rolls around with the economy on a steady decline, people are looking for ways to earn money other than at traditional jobs. People who have been laid off and cannot find work are looking at starting businesses and many are wondering what is the best business opportunity that is available. 

In my opinion, business that provide the necessities are always a safe bet, but even more so in bad economic times. Some of the more notable ones are medical supplies, repair, cleaning, and senior care. Medical supplies and senior care are inevitable ones especially with the aging baby boom population.

Repair businesses are more on a rise as people turn from being so disposable oriented to fixing and salvaging things that are repairable. A luggage repair shop in my neighborhood has reported increased business and I believe that this will be the trend with other similar type of repair business.

Cleaning businesses will always have a place in the economy at any time, but as people begin to nest, they will demand a more orderly environment. In bad economies people tend to stay home more and  make their homes as comfortable as possible. This is what marketers term nesting. 

Other best business opportunities of this time are collection agencies, discount stores and chocolate. It goes without saying that more people will be slacking off on their financial obligations, thus requiring a need for more collection agencies.

People will also be looking for the best bargains that they can find in order to make their dollar stretch. The online markets will be booming since it is far easier to do research and comparison shopping online than in physical stores. Companies such as eBay, Amazon and the many small internet marketers who are able to provide properly researched product information and comparisons will do well. The big box type of discount stores such as Walmart, BJs, Sams and the small Dollar type stores will also fare well. 

Quite surprisingly, chocolate will be in big demand as this is a well established comfort food that nesters will demand. In 2005 it is reported that Americans ate 5 pounds of chocolate per person and that’s a lot of chocolate. You will find that people even splurge on really good chocolate so there is room for even the small gourmet chocolatier.

If you can hitch your wagon on one of these aforementioned business, and you keep your overhead low, you have a good chance of surviving this turbulent economic time.

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