With this trading system you’ll get weekly trade alert emails sent right to you that can be quickly executed on your options trading account.

For the past four years the Weekly Income Trader strategy has consistently earned a weekly income from selling options on the major U.S. stock indexes. Our goal is to provide you with a strategy where you can easily make a weekly income with less than 10 minutes of trading.

To give you some background on the power of this strategy, let’s take a look at the historical performance of this system.

The Weekly Income Trader system has been utilized on live trading accounts since 2007 and has delivered more than 18% profit on average. Here are the incredible annual returns of the strategy since 2007:







Return (%)

The beauty of this strategy is that it is very simple and uses only minimal technical and fundamental analysis. It’s based on proven mathematical concepts to deliver a high return and astonishing accuracy while taking on only a conservative amount of risk.

Every week you should expect between 1-2 trades, all of which will be short options trades on the major indexes.

To get started using the Weekly Income Trader strategy is very simple. Everything you will need to get started is included in the member’s section.

In order to get started you’ll need to set up an options trading account where you can sell weekly index options. We have researched several different brokers that are ideal for this system. For your convenience we have put together some short instructional guides and videos that will teach you exactly how to open your trading account.

Once you’ve set up your account you’ll want to learn all about how to execute the trades that come to you in the weekly trade alert emails.

Additionally in the member’s section you’ll find a host of great resources to enhance your trading and understanding of the Weekly Income Trader system.

Another great way to get involved and learn more is to join us for our weekly webinar series! These complimentary webinars are held every week and will go over the previous week’s trades and what to expect in the upcoming market. It’s your chance to ask any questions and talk with our traders. In the members section you’ll find a Webinar Schedule as well as all of the previously recorded webinars.

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