Visit and Revisits in your website depends upon the intensity of content and design structure of your website. People like visiting some websites very often like Yahoo! At the same way some website would never look like. Some website are really very attractive and information worthy and ability to engage the visitor by giving fresh, genuine and interesting information. This makes the visitor loyalty and visitor visit the website repeatedly. Such sort of relationship established between the visitor and website required long time to establish sound relationship.

There are number of factors affected to create relationship

Not only the good look of your website gives you traffic and visitor loyalty. There are number of factors that are affected like simplicity, giving fresh and genuine information, fact about any information and giving information that reflect to real life and activities to play a crucial role in the relationship. This factors are affected when you wants to build a long term relationship with your visitor and factors are complementary with each other. If your website has simple look can affect the performance of your loyalty. If visitor found your website boring than they may skip.


Most of the web designers put their website unique as well as sophisticated but it may not becomes simple but it’s going complex. When web designer makes your website complex, its becomes difficult for the visitor to understand the website functionality and it may impact to your conversion ratio of your website. Designer should design a website that becomes sophisticated and simple enough to understand and easy to send an inquiry and contact the website owner by filling form.

With respect to time it has been observed that some task of user/visitor not seems to be simple as we believed. If visitor visit your website and finding something but the visitor not getting any meaningful information and see only advertisements. Such kind of things can happens with many website that visitor can not get any information that he/she looking for. In this situation they may hop on another website what he/she wants to get.

Establish Relationship:

Relationship depends upon the understand the requirements and current trend scenario what buyer or visitor wants and what offer we are selling over an internet. There are two types of rewards in it one is physical goods that being send to the user and another are seems to be virtual like internet and social media services and engage your visitor by giving facility to join community, give opinion pool, interact with friends and giving opportunity to play games and win the price.

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