Of all the ways that teens or kids can make money lawn mowing and yard care is perhaps one of the oldest. Who has not seen the teen walking down the street pushing a lawn mower ahead of them, on their way to their next job?

Mowing lawns, weeding and trimming hedges can be hard and long work, and especially for the elderly or disabled, it is often work that is best left to someone else. Lawn care companies usually charge a lot of money for their services, and for someone on a fixed income this is probably not very affordable. This can mean big bucks for the industrious teen looking for work.

If you are considering a lawn and yard care business, your first step will be to be certain you have access to the proper tools. You can either ask your parents to allow you the use of their equipment till you can afford to buy your own, or you can find a way to purchase your own equipment. If your parents are unwilling to loan you their equipment, perhaps if they see you are serious, they will consider making an investment in your new business, with the understanding that you will pay them back as soon as you have completed a few jobs.

Used equipment is often more affordable than new, and most used mowers and lawn tools have been reconditioned before they are sold, so they are usually in good working order. Look for used equipment that is clean, their cutting edges should be recently sharpened, and basic maintenance such as tune ups should have also already have been done.

To start with you will at the very minimum need, a good working lawn mower with a bag, some sort of trimmer for edging the grass after you mow, a pair of hedge trimmers, and if you plan on offering weeding, an assortment of garden tools to get the job done. It might also be helpful to bring a rake, broom, and trash bags, so you can do a nice job of cleaning up after you have completed the job. Be certain you also have a way to transport your equipment, or that your jobs are close enough for you to walk.

After you are sure you have access to all the equipment you will need to get the job done, it is time to advertise your services. A nice flier listing the services you will provide, when you are available and a way to contact you works extremely well for this.

You can enlist the services of friends and younger siblings to help you pass your fliers out door to door; offering them a cut of the profits for every job they land for you. Leave them at your local grocery and hardware stores, and at the local senior center, since many of your clients are likely to be the elderly.

If you pay attention to little details, be on time and always offer a little more than what they are paying for, you will find that you will have plenty of repeat customers. Lawn care can be a very lucrative business for a smart and industrious teen, work hard and you will find that soon you will be rolling in the green.

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