If youve had your ear to the ground lately youll have heard the buzz around the work-at-home, home business industry. People are familiar with the term “Viral” and the word is fast becoming as common as the words like “Google” and “Youtube” in certain internet marketing circles. However, do people really understand what this means? OK lets consider a human viral infection. What happens? Well, the virus multiplies and multiplies and multiplies automatically with ease throughout the human body. Its a virus right? Well consider the same concept when associated with an internet marketing income opportunity. Imagine people would just “get it”, Feel like they found the jewel in the crown, the icing on the cake, the start of a new wave of massive incomes on the verge of exploding. Well no need to imagine. Viral Systems are now available, so comprehensive and so thoroughly thought out that I feel 100% confident in saying they will work for anyone, provided the necessary work is carried out.

So whats the work with an automated system? Advertising, Advertising and Advertising. Banner advertising, Facebook advertising, PPC advertising, Article advertising, Email Marketing. I guess you get the idea. Ive always found it useful to focus on one main way to advertise. Placing banners, has always been one of my trusted favourites.

You see, folks like doing that type of stuff. Who really enjoys prospecting, calling people up all day, following up, inviting to webinars, doing 3 way calls. Exactly. Thats why people are beginning to realize there is a much better way.

If you can place Ads free, and paid, and budget to spend a few hundred a week on advertising then an automated system could be for you. The trick is driving traffic to your system. If you can do that then youve won.

It may sound simple, it is. People, I am sure, will start realizing the power and potential these fully auto-pilot systems have to offer. And soon well see a whole new bunch of people hitting the 6 and 7 figure marks. Serious entrepreneurs are subcontracting admin and support staff from places like Odesk.com for a few dollars per hour to carry out research on best online blogs to advertise on, where to place banners, create Facebook Fan pages, do SEO work, and a whole host of other tasks are being outsourced very effectively.

Taking all the heavy lifting out of your home based business can make all the difference in the world, freeing up your time to concentrate on the task in hand of getting your message out there.

It all points to an explosion of new wealth for early starters in the new wave of success within home based businress. Viral Income Systems are the New Kids on the block.

Martin Jones


Martin Jones is a full time internet marketer, photgrapher and author. Constantly travelling and currently based out of Barcelona, Spain

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