First off this article isn’t about quitting your day job tomorrow so you can sip margaritas in the bahamas a week from now. If you are approaching affiliate marketing from this stand point all I can tell you is that this is a very mentally unhealthy thought process. In fact quitting your day job can be down right dangerous in this economy with jobs so scarce anyway. So lets try to find the happy medium and keep your job while using the internet to develop your secondary income stream to fill the burning holes in your wallet, pay off your credit cards and take that well deserved vacation.

I’m one of those types of people that’s hard on myself and have the motto if you can’t earn it don’t spend it. So if I’m not making good money at the time my cell phone goes, I enjoy Magic Jack and spend no more than absolutely required to survive. Maybe some of you can relate to this. I also make it a point to write more monies worth of articles that point to products and service that I promote than I spend on myself in a day. This is the rule I follow so I know I’m bringing more value to the marketplace than I’m taking from it. This alone tells me I’m practically guaranteed success in the long run.

I’ve told people too many times already that they need to find an internet business they can start on the cheap, and keep driving links and traffic to it until it explodes. It might be harder these days but the one thing that I’ve found that works for me is article marketing. People read my articles, get curious and visit my websites and blogs. You can use the internet for your second income stream by finding something you are already good at and setup a blog or website around this niche. No one including me can advise you on exactly what niche you should enter, that’s really your decision, but if you are an expert at anything and blog heavily about it, you will get readers and subscribers.

And if you have a popular offer positioned somewhere near the top of your website eventually you will get even more traffic and sales. Writing articles and submitting them to the top article archives will develop more and more paths to your website. It can take an awful lot of articles to do this, but if you are consistent the traffic will eventually start pouring in. For example I started a college directory about 2 months ago, but have only been promoting it for about 3 weeks so far with articles. I’m already getting about 15 visitors per day, and I haven’t done a long list of other things I plan on doing to help it take off. These are things to think about when you start your internet marketing empire, hopefully in the near future.

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