Many websites offer a turnkey business solution. They claim that if you buy their product you will be able to start an online business with very little effort. The issue is, do these turnkey business promises really come through? Well let’s explore a little bit. Having been in business for 20 years, I have serious doubts.

The first thing to recognize is that starting any business is not easy. Any website that claims that starting a business is an easy process should set off alarm bells for you. In other words, any website that claims that launching a business is easy should be approached with extreme skepticism. This is my major complaint with most of the turnkey business software websites I’ve been to. They seem to promise a path to easily make money online and ignore the hard work that will be involved. And it is hard work.

So should you start a turnkey business using one of these websites? Well, it may make sense for you, if you have done your homework and know what you’re getting into. There are a number of turnkey website platforms that I think are quite helpful for those who are serious about getting online. You need to remember that the effort involved to start an online business is just as hard, or maybe harder, than starting a regular business. The turnkey business software can really help accelerate the launch of your website and save significant development dollars that you would otherwise spend. Some of these turnkey website platforms will help you build an entire e-commerce store in a matter of minutes. Assuming you have found reputable software, I say that you should use these to help save time but remember that the hard work is in the promotion. The Internet is a very competitive place and many websites will not tell you that part.

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