The outlook of VoIP market has changed for the last years and old comfortable days fell into oblivion. The competition is high and companies are under increasing pressure to be more effective and responsive. More than ever companies are depended on their partners and infrastructure.

Nowadays, turn-key solutions are the trend on the telecommunications market. There are lots of benefits of getting all you need from one provider. The main advantage is that such vendor is inside the project and knows all the details of it. It prepares custom-made solution, and client can be sure that it absolutely meets his requirements. The same supplier is maintaining the softswitch and can solve all the questions. Client always knows who can help him. That’s the reason of turn-key solutions’ popularity.

Speedflow Communications offers such a solution for VoIP carriers. It is based on SaaS model. Due to turn-key solution VoIP carrier can reduce its capital expenses (CAPEX). Speedflow charges the monthly rental payments only. So, VoIP carriers can migrate to company’s proprietary software platform with no risk of losing investments.

Speedflow Communications has highly developed infrastructure which allows them to provide end-to-end solution for wholesale VoIP companies worldwide. Turn-key solution includes the complete set of the high-performance MediaCore softswitch which includes the following modules:  billing, transcoding, revenue assurance system named Guardian; dedicated NAS and billing servers, rack space in collocation, Internet bandwidth, 24/7 online technical support and software releases updates and upgrades. Everything is included.

Company has points of presence in European, American and Asian regions. Speedflow cooperates with well-known data centers and guarantees redundancy, stability and the high level of data security. It uses only reliable and stable equipment. Company’s Software Team delivers robust solutions that enable business automation and building solid and up-to-date IT systems. The quality of the MediaCore Softswitch is proven by more than 150 customers worldwide. The long-term cooperation and mutual benefit are the key components of Speedflow Communications business.

Speedflow Communications focuses on delivering quality telecom wholesale and retail services and products to the VoIP market since 2004. Speedflow presents exceptional range of Carrier-grade products and solutions, e.g. Wholesale and Retail Voice, MediaCore Class 4 and CallMax Class 5 Softswitches.

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