Within this particular post, I’ll summarize the primary points associated with Trump Network, present you using a truthful Trump Network assessment after which I will give you the essential factors to consider when becoming a member of any home-based marketing company, either related to selecting the appropriate business and also having success in the Trump Network or any other organization you desire to sign up for. Keep in mind that even if you are previously in a multi level marketing organization, there are a few fundamental factors which, if reviewed, will help you develop your Trump Network business.

Exactly What Is The Trump Network?

The Trump Network is a reasonably new mlm marketing organization, the Trump name however, came out of a organization called Ideal Health that has been in company since 1998. The company, generally speaking, is really a health and wellness organization that has various nutritional supplements, energy drinks, some individual care products and a weight loss system. In 2008, Donald Trump put his name, and his brand, behind the company as he has always agreed that network marketing is a great model for individuals to have a chance to take control of their monetary future. So on the surface, this particular company sounds like a excellent deal because one of the main problems that people have in multi-level marketing is to have their business seem to be legitimate to their prospects. Well, with The Trump Network, this offers an excellent alternative to this issue because who doesn’t know who Donald Trump is and the Trump brand generally speaking. Having said that, I’ve had several associates that used to be with the Trump Network, and they went through a series of monetary issues where they weren’t paying out commission checks to their distributors. I also know that a sizable team left the company and went to another because of challenges they were having with the corporate office. Recently, they joined up using a new financial backer that may be able to fix these issues, however, this particular issue remains up within the air in my mind, because even though probably the most important part of one’s network marketing company is your own action, the organization has to stay in business for you personally to keep receiving you money! Having said all of that, the brand is good and recognizable, the items are sounds, however, there are actually some management questions to consider before you leap on board.

Custom Essentials

This looks to be the flagship product with the Trump Network and among the main selling details for individuals when they join. The basis of this particular product is the fact that it will provide customized nutritional supplements based on your individual needs so that it will take the guesswork out of picking supplements. However, how exactly do they do this? The Custom Essentials are formulated based on our age and gender and then on a customized urine test called the Priva Test. The 1st part is pretty solid, and is a straightforward method to provide people with targeted supplements, nevertheless the measurement they employ for the Priva Test is really a little uncertain as it is very challenging to make any kind of diagnosis of deficiencies or metabolic problems. Having said that, I’ve had several friends and co-workers which have had some nice individual success on this product and it seems to be interesting, at least as a method to provide some supplement customization.

Quik Stiks

These are very simple energy drinks (a minimum of for 2 of them), that rely on some natural sources to provide you with energy throughout the day. From my personal individual experience, as I’ve had several of these, they actually do provide a nice energy boost, but at ~$ 3 per package it does not seem to be value it compared to simply drinking a cup of coffee.

Silhouette Solutions

This seems to be customized weight loss, and once again, I do know some individuals who have had some nice results with this program. The key here, in my mind, is the fact that they provide a wide variety of food options rather than just shakes and bars, potentially making it easier to stick to the program. Nevertheless, as with most weight loss programs, most of the success relies upon on your capacity to stick to the plan, but this does seem to have something great here as well as being competitively priced with programs like Weight Watchers. Now that we have considered the products, what about the founders?


There honestly isn’t a ton of information on their site about the individuals involved in this particular company, however the president from the organization is a man named Lou DiCaprio and controls much of the daily operation. Along with Lou, brother Scott and Todd Stanwood are the “power brothers” that bring the network marketing experience on the table. Todd and Scott were formerly leaders in Nu Skin, building a strong group, nevertheless they left that company years ago to be able to found Ideal Health in the late 90’s. They seem to possess a great team, although it’s difficult to say how much pure business practical experience they have, something that could alter the stability of the company. In fact, from what I understand, within the last 12 months or so, there have been a few solvency concerns that led to a large portion of the distributors moving to another business. While I don’t know all of the details, this particular issue raises a question mark in my eyes regarding what exactly is going on at the corporate level.

The general message in this Trump Network Review is that the brand recognition seems to be good, the products seem to have a nice custom touch, however, several of the management issues in the company office can be a bit suspect. Of the greatest significance, remember that your success in any multilevel marketing organization is associated with your ability to develop your network.

Justin is a teacher and researcher in health and wellness with a side interest in providing network marketing advice, similar to what you see in this http://jrthealthandwealth.com/trump-network-founders/”>Trump Network Review.

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