If your here your probably looking to join Trivita, or have already joined them…

Well you have to come to the right place because I’m going to give you my opinion on everything related to Trivita.

When first looking at the company it doesn’t look too exciting. Their website doesn’t have all the fancy graphics of other companies.

But this shouldn’t stop you from looking closer…

Trivita has been around for 10yrs now. Being a home business company, that is very rare. Companies now-a-days go out of business left and right.

They are also privately owned and have no stock holders! They are in perfect position because they dont have to please investors they can do what’s right then worry about profit.

The leadership is fantastic as well…

Michael Ellison is a Media King. He owns a very large company called Ellison Media. If you don’t know who they are, they do all the media for The Rich Dad Company.

Yeah…Big Stuff!

When It comes to products Trivita doesn’t loose any points. All of their products are completely natural and have very low refund rates. Having such a large line of nutrition supplements allows them to stay very competitive in the Wellness Industry.

One great thing they just did was launch a product by the name of Sonoran Bloom. Its from the Napal Cactus Superfruit and it claims to cure inflammation. That would include problems like arthritis and allergies. The testimonials with this product have been great so far.

As far as Trivita’s compensation goes, they do a Co-Op model and use Media to get customers. And in-turn affiliates can buy the rights to these customers as Trivita keeps marketing to them 14 times a year.

You can also enroll other affiliates to do the same. In-turn you get paid off of their customers as well.

With the introduction of Sonoran Bloom they have now gone to more of a traditional Network Marketing Plan. It looks to promise great residual income, which is a must for any network marketing comp plan.

Now comes the most important part of my review… How well do they teach you to market?

They have great resources when it comes to being able to purchase customers right off of the commercials they produce. This allows the new person to see immediate results with their money!

As far as recruiting new affiliates, that part is totally left to you.

Hopefully you have learned the precious skill of marketing because if you haven’t…
You are not going to get very far in building a large residual income.

If your looking at Trivita as a company to join you need to take a few months and learn how to market yourself first!

Most people do it backwards and find a company first and then try to recruit people with no marketing skills…

So they end up burned out and fail as a result…

All in all Trivita is an awesome company, but without the knowledge of knowing to market yourself. You’ll never get anywhere…

Dwayne Phelps teaches people how to make money online with network marketing.

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