Trading pins are a huge part of the sports world, appreciated by many people as a means to celebrate friendship through sports. From the early days of the modern Olympics to the current Little League baseball season, trading pins have grown in popularity every year.

Nowhere are trading pins more popular than in youth baseball and softball leagues. Since the 1980s, trading pins have exploded in popularity among Little League and other youth baseball leagues nationwide. The pins have become almost as much a part of the game as baseball itself.

The appeal of trading pins is easy to understand. They feature attractive artwork, are easily affordable and are easy to collect and carry. Strangers who start swapping trading pins quickly become friends, even across cultures and languages.

The Little League World Series, held each August in South Williamsport, Pa., is the center of the universe for trading pins. Players, coaches, officials, parents and spectators descend on pin trading sites in the town like a center fielder on a pop fly. The trading pins are the glue that helps bind a like-minded culture together.

It doesn’t hurt that trading pins are so easily carried. A lightweight, inexpensive pin bag is all that’s needed to carry more than 400 trading pins. That’s certainly enough to get the trading action started!

Another key aspect of trading pins’ popularity is how easy it is to link them to specific events. If you’re looking for a souvenir of an event you’ve attended, one that holds special significance, trading pins fill the bill quite well.

Trading pins date to the early part of the 20th century. Olympic athletes and officials traded pins from their respective countries as a way to share the spirit of global amateur sports competitions. By 1980, spectators began trading too, and Little League Baseball introduced its first official trading pins in 1983. The hobby has grown every year since.

For ordering custom pins, there are a few tricks that can make your experience faster, easier and more enjoyable. With just a little bit of homework, your team’s trading pins can be the hit of the tournaments.

Rule Number One is a simple one: ORDER EARLY! Too many people wait until they’re almost to the tournament to order. But if you wait too far into the season, you risk not being able to get your trading pins in time.

The reason is that every manufacturer of trading pins in the world is swamped with orders in June and July. Factory backlogs build up, lengthening delivery times. For that reason, many suppliers of trading pins that offer two-week delivery guarantees the rest of the year suspend that promise in peak season. If at all possible, place your order for trading pins by June 1 to make sure you can get them delivered before the tournaments. Wait any later and you risk disappointing your players.

As for designs of trading pins, there’s one basic rule: Bigger is always better. The bigger the pins, the more trading power they have.

Once you’ve established the basic design for your team’s pins, add trading power with options. Remember, you want eye-catching, flashy, wild. Pump up the volume of your trading pins with option such as glitter, spinners, sliders, bobble heads and even LED lights.

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