Tom Hua, in his interview with Armand Morin, explained how he understood early on the importance of process to the entrepreneur. He started marketing on the internet in 1994. Having left his off-line business world, and spending 17 months educating himself on the emerging internet. he had no money left to speak of.

His first product, a mere a $ 10 booklet brought him his initial success. He then moved on to create an ebook package filled with extra resources and bonuses. It turned out to be the first of its kind in the Internet Marketing industry. Tom kept focusing on adding increasing value with each subsequent product offering, each of which was designed to get massive back-links to his website.

Tom went on to build a unique website hosting company for small businesses that runs itself, without need for his direct involvement. This strategy of creating self-run businesses gives freedom to the entrepreneur to focus on what they really love, which is seeking out opportunities and creating new value in the marketplace.

This strategy of continual focus on process and getting things just right is what led to the multimillion dollar successes Tom enjoys today.

Seeing the trend for outsourcing only growing, Tom took a calculated risk and entered the software development business in China four years ago. He says that you have to be unafraid to invest money and resources to grow your business, even if it ends up failing. If you are enjoying the process, failure just becomes a learning opportunity for continuous improvement. His software business is now reaping its huge rewards in a growing marketplace.

Tom’s philosophy is: when you bring your internet business to the next level, you enter a new dimension of success because you enjoyed the process of creating it. Being in love with the process is key. And when you master your own unique process for success, you can take it anywhere to create more successes.

Tom now teach others how to get started on the internet and help them take their business to the next level. He says that you really have to understand the process. Having an in-demand product to sell, you create the website for it to meet its marketplace and bring a constant flow of traffic to it.

Mastering these three parts sets you up for success, no matter if you’re just starting out, or you are already building your business to new levels of success. You can always improve the process, and as an entrepreneur that’s where enjoyment is truly found.

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