Online businesses are much like mail order business. People order things you are selling using forms and you have to ship them to their address. So, considering this in mind, here is a simple list of things you will/may need for your brand new online business.

1) A computer with internet is must. This will be the most important asset in building an online business. Well, I am sure you have a computer or you won’t be reading this article. So, that way, your most important resource for earning money becomes free.

2) Handy Stationary for office use: Having stationary is a good deal for business starters. Have papers, pens, pencils, ink pad, stamps and scissors etc will come in handy while working. Collect them so that you won’t have to run around searching them when you are already into business.

3) Decide where you will work: Finding a comfortable place in your home for working shouldn’t be a hard job. While, it’s unimportant that the place has lots of space to do nothing, a small table will also do the job.

4) A website or blog: Now that you have almost everything that’s needed, you need a website for selling your goods. Or the better option is to have a blog. While, and many more provide free blogging tool, there are also some sites that provide you with cheap web hosting services.

5) A Click bank account: If you have still not decided what you are going to sell, becoming an affiliate for selling other vendor’s items on your website or blog is a good idea. Click bank comes handy and pays that highest commission of up to 75%. 

6) A bank account: Of course, if you are starting a business, you will need a bank account for depositing cash and checks. The affiliate’s checks sent by ClickBank will be deposited in your bank account or if you are planning to sell a product, make sure you open a PayPal Account for online transactions.

If you don’t understand everything now, don’t worry. In the coming posts I will be writing on all the topics one by one. You will be able to establish your fully functional business in less than 15 days after you understand and read the posts.

Read all about starting a small business online at I assure you that you can start a business without investing a single penny, without anything.

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