According to the report in Europe, the Porsche sales director Maier claims that Porsche estimates that its sales result in European market is expected to increase by twenty percent and the company will release in this summer the new brand strategy.
Maier notes that the release of the new car and the expansion of the distribution network will be of great help to elevate the sales performance. It is known that currently Porsche is developing a type of new sport car. In addition, diesel, diesel turbocharger and hybrid Panamera car is under manufacturing.
The global sales result of Porsche in last year reached 97 thousand and among which were 37 thousand sold in European market. It had also processed the amount of orders for 44 thousand cars. German is the largest sales market of Porsche in European region and the sales figure in that country was 13,211. Britain and Italy followed subsequently after Germany, embracing sales figures of 6796 and 3946 respectively. Porsche Cayenne has the most favorable sales performance among all the Porsche cars. It is understood that Porsche has encountered wide range of applause and loyalty from media and consumers. The world class automobile media in Europe has recognized the excellent performance of Porsche cars for a consecutive period of many years. Besides, the sales performance of Porsche cars in new rising market is constantly improving as well. The brand advantage has provoked a set of fervent selling in the world.
Maier has disclosed that Porsche is planning to break through the sales milestone of 100 thousand in this year. From the long term’s perspective, the intended annual sales figure of Porsche is expected to double and reach 200 thousand. Based on the available data, this goal is very likely to be materialized.
The new brand strategy
Moreover, Porsche will also announce its new brand strategy in this summer. Maier has uncovered for the first time when receiving the media interview that: the name for the long term development of Porsche will be: 2018 Strategy.
The brand strategy of Porsche marks the core strategy of this company. It is of great guiding function for the set up of other strategies in the company. Only through maintaining and reinforcing the brand advantage of Porsche can we ensure the value creation growth of the company. Maier added.
The new brand strategy will mark a revolutionary progress for this company and Maier has declared that he will not design new brand slogan for the new products.

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