As the name simply suggests, Internet TV is the delivery of streaming or real-time audio and video television content over the Web. It is different from video sites that deliver downloadable video content because this sites stream content in real-time. Which means a person sitting in Mexico can stream an episode of Lost which a homemaker in Australia can watch live over her Internet TV as, and when it is being broadcast.

This technology can be viewed in many different ways. One of the most common ways of watching it is on a laptop or a computer. All it requires is a sound card and a high resolution graphics card with a net connection, obviously. It can also be viewed on your regular TV. This requires a PC to be hooked up with it. A set top box will also suffice if it is able to receive It’s broadcasts. High-end cellular phones and mobiles might also display Internet TV shows but at a lower resolution than a regular TV or a PC. This means that the picture quality on a mobile might not be as good as the one on a PC or an ordinary TV.

Almost any one with high speed Internet access can watch this TV. There are several sites on the net that offer a wide variety of content throughout the day for all cross sections of society via Internet TV. People often wonder why this technology has become wildly popular these days. Studies have shown that innovative technology will quickly replace the regular TV as the medium of choice in the next comings years. The surprising and the phenomenal popularity of Internet TV is due to several reasons described below

To begin, Internet access speeds have burgeoned beyond imagination. This has allowed streaming video and audio on this system to become easily accessible to many of viewers. In fact, the inherent database of PC savvy users has multiplied at a rapid pace across the world. Therefore, the number of people who view this technology has also relatively increased. The costs of net access have also plummeted and bandwidth has become cheaper and more affordable for middle class users across the world. Besides this, the cost of a PC has fallen over the years in all economies and countries.

As always, computers and technology keep becoming more and more affordable with every passing moment. The technology which makes Internet TV feasible for the common man has not only become cheaper, it has also become better and more powerful.

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