MCDONALD’s is the epitome of a turnkey business system. Think about it, a franchise that might cost you a million bucks to get it started and then you turn it over into the capable hands of…a bunch of teenagers?

When Gerber claimed his #1 goal of his worldwide consulting business (E-Myth Worldwide) was to become the McDonald’s of small-business coaching, people said he was crazy because coaching and consulting with small business owners would require specialized training, education, and knowledge of all things business (things that demanded a PREMIUM salary from the employee).

However, he claims he did it and with over 20,000 clients in its history—and VERY LITTLE involvement personally from him for years— who pay less than other consulting firms charge…maybe he knows what’s up, since a new employee who knows nothing about business or coaching can come in and within 2 weeks be taking on a client.

If your business itself IS your greatest product, you will survive and thrive in the 21st century…always ask yourself, is my business FOCUSED? Is my marketing message PRECISE? Are my systems TURNKEY? If I wanted to SELL my business today, 1) Would it WORK without me? and 2) Would anyone want to BUY it?

What is your business’s greatest asset? Capital? Equipment? Human resources? Inventory? No, no, no, no…according to Gerber it is your BRAND…this is what allows you to control “mindshare” among the masses via PRECISE and TARGETED marketing… and Intellectual Property…THIS is what allows you to remain in CONTROL of your business’s revenue generators (via licensing, etc) EVEN IF you SOLD the business itself!

The “value” of your business is based much less in the 21st century on “hard assets” (inventory, capital, equipment) than it is on “soft assets” like brand, IP, and niche marketing share.

As an entrepreneur, if you don’t see opportunities when looking at problems (in your business, another’s business, or in the lives of individual customers) then you aren’t looking through the right eyes!

I’ll leave you with a quote from the man himself.

“The unknown is what entrepreneurs are in pursuit of; the impossible is what we seek. What’s impossible today for YOU?” (Michael Gerber)

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