It should come as no surprise that the Debt Commission chairmen recommended the public option for health care insurance be double checked. While this is being done in an effort to solve the current budgetary problems, the timing may not be the best, following the midterm elections.

Former White House Chief of Staff Bowles, and former Senator Simpson put together a report that recommended Congress establish a target for the total cost of a federal health care plan after the year 2020, and that officials review the costs every two years in order to keep the spending for the plan within the confines of the gross domestic product, plus one percent.
The team recommends that if the costs exceed the target, the President should submit an alternative plan to Congress to reform the public option in order to lower total spending.

Since the point of the public option is to provide health care options for individuals who cannot afford insurance, many health care activist organizations argue that the government is not really paying for this plan. Rather, they are forcing other taxpayers to bear the brunt of the expensive plan. This makes the whole basis of the argument that having a public option will lower costs for care on the whole, downright ludicrous. In fact, such a plan may just create an abnormal demand for services, which would only edge prices higher than ever before.

Health care activist organizations further denounce the suggestion that in order to avoid higher prices, the government should place a limit on how high payments and premiums could go. This did not fare well when put into practice by individual states, and caused insurers to sell their services at a loss.

To be able to have a true reform, government needs to modify the system by determining the real reason for high costs of care. In addition to finding this reason, people should be allowed to have more freedom, not less, when obtaining care. Allowing patients to find the best care at the best price is a great way to proceed. Government should not get into the business of medicine; this will simply become another program that falls by the wayside, at a very high price.

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