We often hear curb appeal when marketing foreclosed homes for sale. For sellers this refers to how good the home has been prepared for viewing by prospective buyers. For the buyers on the other hand this can be deal clincher. In fact many buyers get really interested in a foreclosure after they have seen images of the home in an online listing site. In this respect sellers should be judicious when choosing which pictures to put up in a web site in order to attract buyers.

The myth that foreclosures are all run-down properties that nobody wants has been busted for a long time now. Today when you look at online listings of foreclosures you see a lot of great looking homes. A lot of buyers make their decision to purchase a home upon seeing the images of foreclosed homes for sale online. Sellers will be surprised at what a little effort in taking good photos can do to their listing. But what should be seen in these photos so that buyers may be driven to purchase a home.

Good Images

Cleanliness is definitely at the top of the list. Even through images the difference between a well-cared for and an unkempt home is undeniable. A well tended garden and freshly mowed lawn is always a good thing to see. Painted fences and walls definitely add to the appeal. Make sure you address all the exterior problems of the property before taking photographs, even garbage cans, garden hoses or fallen leaves can detract from the beauty of the exterior.

When taking pictures of the interior of the property make sure the home is completely cleaned first. Wall stains are removed, floors are swept of mopped and furniture is dusted. Another thing to clear out is the clutter like childrens toys or old magazines. Pick a focal point for each room which highlights the best features of the room.

Pictures taken in good taste is the best way to sell foreclosed homes for sale. You do not really need a professional photographer for this but if you have the funds for it, so much the better.

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