As a big fan, I love to play world of warcraft and very addicted to it. For these several year till now, I have 7 level 83 characters. 2 warlocks,1 warrior, 1 shaman, 1 druid, 1 hunter and 1 paladin. In addition a 76 rogue and a 78 deathknight. My girlfriend and her mother and father play it as well. As gear goes I have exceptional gear on all my healing characters and one of my warlocks. I continue to work on my hunter and warriors gear. I started playing it before Burning Crusades came out. It has change for the better and worse sense then. They have made it far to easy to level a character from 1 to 80, but have made getting gear at higher levels much easier. This is due to other games coming out online and Blizzard trying to keep in competition with them. I have a vast knowledge of the quests, how to make gold, professions that are usefull. Yes I am that WoW geek. I cant help it, its such a wonderfull way to pass time in my profession.

For these character, I need so many wow gold everyday. But It is really hard for me to farm wow gold everytime. sometimes, when I urgent need wow gold, buy wow gold from website is my favorite method to stock up my account, but due to so much thread and thrum third party wow gold website supplier existing, people maybe hard to identify one website is legit or not, for me, I usually worried about these below problem when I choose a website.

1. Gold delivery speed. Sometimes when I place a order into one website, remit out the payment, Even 3 hour passed still not received the gold, the supplier don’t care how I urgent need these gold, don’t care how many time I wasted in SW Bank for just waiting! So, the gold delivery speed was very important for wow gold buying.

2. Gold price. Since I need so many wow gold everyday, the cost of buy wow gold will be my big question. I trid to compare with more than 25 wow gold supplier website, find the cheapest sales price comes from

3. Account banned. Every gamer know that account ban was a serious mischance for a ordinary player. If your account was banned, not only gold missing in account resume application, but also the time wasting, even you paid much energy to request, your account still lost. So, the wow gold source was really importance.

4. Safe delivery. Sometimes scam case happened when people trade wowgold in auction house. For example, when you receiving the gold from gold supplier’s delivery man, maybe someone cheater besided you, who have the similar character name with you. For small company, who maybe just pass the gold without information comfirm first, or just because the human error. Wrong delivery happened. Cheater also like the situation who just have 1 or 2 delivery man but often appear near the auction house with many gold.

5. Customer service. It is really affliction if you urgent need costomer service but whose live chat was offline. Or you remit your payment but can’t receive your gold. Or even you face problem when you place order in a website but can’t get anybody’s guide.

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