2012 disaster is considered to be happened. Have you ever thought about the places for your devastations escape in 2012? Think again.


First and foremost, to gear up for it, you should know all about the destruction that earth is going to face come 2012. The people knew about the Mayan calendar when it went open to the public and it was deciphered to mean the end of the world on December 21, 2012. Other than these, there are other divinations that correspond with these events like those of the Chinese, Hindu, Egyptians and Sibyls and some wiped out cultures such as that of the Druids.


You will also be pleased to know about the scientific researches clarifying about 2012 as the year when disastrous events like polar shifting and planetary alignments. Such incidents are predicted to trigger several ruins all over the globe like the rising sea levels, trembling earthquakes, giant tidal waves and massive volcanic eruptions that will annihilate most of the population and the land.


What is more, polar shifting is said to divide the Earth into a part where there is constant daylight and scorching temperature and another part, in total darkness.


Such events can usher the end of the world by triggering an explosion of nuclear power plants and dispersion of nuclear wastes. That is why it is imperative that people start taking precautions against these calamities by building shelters that can withstand extreme conditions in an elevated place inland and near a water source.


The storing of supplies like food and clothing, medical supplies and tools are required and should be prepared as soon as possible so that when the Doomsday comes, you will be safe and sound with your chosen shelter. One more thing, you should make yourself a member of a survival group so that all your needs can be obtained. In addition, you should make sure to contribute to the group order for the situation to go effortlessly and make the modifications.


Last of all, finding a place for sanctuary during disaster times is the critical decision that survivors should plan. The place should be elevated and inland as much as possible. It should be as distant as possible from nuclear power plants and any place with nuclear elements in order to prevent being hit by radioactive wastes in cases of accidental fallouts. Most important of all, there should be a nearby water supply that can sustain the people in the survival group; if the water is not fit for consumption, a water purifying system should be available with the tools and supplies.


Truly, survival books for the impending 2012 holocaust have a list of places to survive 2012 from which you can take your pick. Select books that are reliable sources of information like 2012 Contact, which are highly recommended.


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