“There are different types of surgical implants available for treating hernia. One of these surgical implants is called SURGIMESH. ASPIDE MEDICAL is the French company that makes this surgical implant. This French company started operating in the year 1994. The company took the assistance of surgeons who have performed hernia operations while designing this particular surgical implant.

When a persons organ starts protruding outside it normal cavity, the person is said to be suffering from hernia. There are different types of hernia. A few of them are umbilical hernia, diaphragmatic hernia, perineal hernia, and sports hernia.

A person is said to be suffering from umbilical hernia when parts of their intestine starts to protrude through a weak spot in the muscles of the abdomen. The weak spot is usually the bellybutton (navel) or the region surrounding it. The size of the hernia is very important. In the case of children small umbilical hernia tend to heal itself by the time the child reaches two-four years of age. Surgery is required only if the hernia does not heal itself by that age. If the baby is born prematurely or is born with low birth weight, then its chances of getting this type of hernia is quite high. The risk of getting this type of hernia is high among children of African origin. The occurrence of this type of hernia is equal among girls and boys.

There have been cases of adults also suffering from umbilical hernia. The reason behind this is that the navel or the bellybutton will be a weak spot. Overweight people or those who have become pregnant many times will face a higher risk of the suffering from this kind of hernia.

It is rare to see complications among children who are suffering from umbilical hernia. Adults who suffer from umbilical hernia are not so lucky. In case the organ that has protruded outside cant be pushed back inside, it will lead to complications. As the result of being trapped outside, the organ will not get the required supply of blood. The lack of blood will cause damage to the protruding organ, resulting in umbilical pain.

The surgeon who is performing the surgery can choose the tension free repair technique. While using this technique the surgeon places a surgical implant to keep the protruding organ in place.

ASPIDE MEDICAL has developed three different types of surgical implements to treat patients suffering from hernia. These implants are broadly classified under SURGIMESH.”

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