When someone sees the styles, patterns and colors for women’s Superdry Shirts a fairly common response is, “Wow!” There really is nothing like them. The distinct look of Superdry designs is like no other – women everywhere are flocking to various places where they can buy them – especially for any sort of discounts available.

What are the styles in the women’s Superdry Shirts lineup? For 2009, they include:

Tattoo Sleeve for Women –The Tattoo Sleeve is a Double Sleeve design, with a sheer sleeve underneath. The sheer sleeve is graced with gorgeous tattoo-art designs to give a “pseudo-tattoo’d-arms” look, and pulls this off without a slightest hint of tackiness. The women’s Superdry Tattoo Sleeve shirts are also formed and printed with a woman’s figure in mind to really set apart any woman who wears one.

Superdry Women’s Hoodies –These are far from an average hoodie! The designs are spectacular, and the hoodies are often found with gold tone embossed signature. These are one of the hottest items in the Superdry line this year – and they’re gorgeous.

Double-Sleeve Women’s Shirts –These have a rather similar appearance to the Superdry Tattoo Sleeve for Women, but with the lower sleeve opaque rather than sheer. The designs available for the Double-Sleeve are similar to the designs available for the other shirts in the collection – bold designs such as “Love Kills Slowly” and “Death or Glory” are coming off the shelves very quickly! (Especially with those merchants offering any sort of a discount.)

T-Shirts (Long Sleeve) – These are some of the most beautiful Long-Sleeve T’s I’ve ever laid my eyes on – other t-shirts simply cannot compare. The thing I notice the most about these tee’s are the printed designs – the are done in such a way that a woman’s figure is strongly accentuated by the print alone. The cut is made to be form-fitting without appearing tacky or gaudy whatsoever.

T-Shirts (Short Sleeve) – Last but not least are the short sleeve t’s. I expect that we’ll be seeing many more of them being sold and worn by women everywhere as the warmer months approach. Like the long-sleeve these are cut to be very flattering to a woman’s figure, and there are many more designs available for them (that I’ve seen) than any other Women’s Superdry Shirts.

Shopping/Pricing Information: Generally speaking, retail price for women’s Superdry Shirts runs anywhere from between $ 100 and $ 200, depending on the style and whether purchased retail or discount.  Various resources online can be used to purchase the shirts for less.


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