Starting a soap business often shows up on lists of the best home based businesses to get into. While that may be true, this is one of those businesses that probably grows best if you’re already interested in soap making as a hobby. That’s because the passion you may have for soap and soap making makes it far easier to stick with it and build a volume business that really makes money. Here are 5 tips for building a soap business based on several years experience with making and marketing natural soap.

1. Start A Soap Business For $ 100?

One of the tremendous advantages of this business is that you can get it going for nearly nothing. Seriously, for less than $ 100 you can start making soap and selling it. If you already make soap as a hobby, it’s possible to convert your hobby efforts to a business for nearly nothing. In addition, the investment mostly gets turned to product that you can use, even if you never sold a bar. This is one low risk venture that still can be scaled up to any size if that’s what you want to do.

2. Don’t Count Your Time — At First.

You are starting a manufacturing venture so initially you must focus on building a quality product. At first it little matters how much a bar of soap costs you or how much time you spend making it. What matters at first is whether you can make beautiful soap that works well. Let’s face it, there is a learning curve and the only way to get going is to just make some soap. Failure is part of the road to success. You must just get going and work on building more soap so you can learn. Forget about how long it takes.

3. Why Customers Are Like Gold.

If it weren’t for finding customers, running a business would be so easy. Fact is that getting people to try what you have presents a major challenge for any business. Luckily, the word is already out that handmade soap beats commercial soap. All you have to do is get in front of people that are looking for great handmade soap and the product to some degree sells itself. That’s actually quite easy to do and costs very little.

4. Marketing Materials For Next To Nothing.

Once you have found someone to buy your goods, the last thing to do is to just let them go away after buying just once. Everyone who buys must take away materials that make it easy to find you again. If you make a follow-up sale, you avoid all that effort you just made to find a customer. A single sheet of paper folded twice with the right words on it can sell large amounts of soap as well as other things you can gather. In addition, a simple catalog can be easily assembled to offer products to customers that way. All this can be done at home for nearly no cost.

5. Staying In Touch For Money.

By simply mailing a catalog to your customers, you can make regular sales without ever leaving home unless it’s to take boxes to the post office. Over time your repeat customers will make themselves known. By just mailing to your repeat customers you reduce the risk of a mailing and can probably almost be assured of a profit with every mailing. Follow-up with customers makes for a real business that you operate mostly from your home.

What you are beginning can be seen both as a manufacturing operation as well as a marketing company. To get it all right takes the proper approach and especially must focus on taking care of customers. Starting a soap business takes little money and not really much time. Discover more tips for starting a soap business at another of our articles.

If you’re just thinking about starting or expanding a soap making business, please check this out.

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