If you have already retired and worried about your post-retirement financial life, retirement annuities are the best option for you to enroll with. The savings that you have made during your long service tenure will be your source of income if you sign a deal with a company offering the annuity plans for retirees. To get a regular income after retirement through these deals, the senior citizens need to buy the plan with a lump sum at once. When you get retired, you have some funds with you which you can utilize in purchasing annuities. An annuity calculator is a device that can help you calculate the amount that you are ultimately subject to receive.

An annuity, in whatever form it is, is a product of an insurance company. While signing retirement annuities deal with the company, an individual is advised to go through each and every term and clause specified within the agreement. Getting into the depth of the concept of annuities will help you come across several payout alternatives that the companies provide in order to make the income options as convenient for the retirees as possible. The most important aspect of the retirement annuities is that an annuitant can either opt to receive the income for lifetime or he can also choose a particular range of time till which he desires to avail the income benefits offered by this plan.

In case of retirement annuities, an individual needs to make the entire payment at once and then begin receiving his regular earning. The distribution of the sum starts within thirty days of purchasing the annuity plan, but it may also get delayed up to one year. After retirement, the old individuals have to depend on their children and relatives for financial needs. Buying an annuity deal gives them an opportunity to not only secure themselves, but also safeguard the future of his or her spouse after the annuitant expires. This possibility of the retirement annuities scheme makes it even more important for the senior citizens.

Retirement annuities are, basically, of two types – fixed and variable. If the annuitant receives his income from fixed type of plan, the amount that he receives is constant and it is never subject to any changes. The fixed annuity amount that is offered to the senior citizens depends on two factors. First, the amount that an annuitant deposits as premium and second is the interest rate surrounding the market at the time of purchase of the plan. Whereas, if you are getting your income through variable type of plan, the amount you receive would keep on changing based on your performance during stock market business and others. In fact, variable retirement annuities have been designed for the people who even after retirement are engaged in some extra earning procedures.

Retirement annuities are not confined to the annuitant’s needs only, but they also give the beneficiary a chance to avail the benefits after him. This ultimately secures the future of your child, provides for alimony payments, and funds the specialized education for your disabled child, etc. Online annuity calculator is available to help you compute the entire amount based on the above-mentioned factors, which comprises of the premium that you pay and the rate of interest.

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