There are many traditional ways of marketing your product or service. These include word of mouth or simply putting out a sign in your store. And although we are not saying that these are ineffective, we always encourage people to use more drastic measures. The economic and business landscapes these days are very cut-throat; the competition is getting fiercer and fiercer as time passes. This is one of the greatest reasons why small business marketing must not be faced sitting down. In fact we encourage marketers to come up new and exciting ways to market and promote their product; as innovation always seems to garner some amount of attention and manages to separate one’s brand with the rest of the pack. Here are some other promotional tools that do not break the bank but are very effective.

One such promotional strategy that is often left forgotten is posting on the yellow pages. We know it sounds like an ancient promotional strategy, but surprisingly, a lot of people still look numbers up on the yellow pages. The key here is simply printing the right ad on the right spot. Make sure that your ad catches attention and is listed where it is supposed to be categorized under; not on some random page. The same goes for newspaper advertising. Newspaper advertising is actually one very cost efficient way to advertise as several people throughout the day will probably be passing around the newspaper. This means, a lot more people will have a chance to see your ads. Direct mail is another suggestion that is still effective, even though it is often thought of as superfluous and old. The personal touch it adds to the whole experience allows for people to actually take time to read the ads you send them.

Some other promotional strategies you can try to give your small business an edge is advertising on a magazine, which people keep a longer time than newspapers and flyers because they actually cost a considerable amount of money. This means, as long as the owner of the magazine has it in good condition and displayed for other people to read, you may still get your money’s worth of advertising. You may also try posting ads in e-zines, which is always lucrative since there is a seemingly unending stream of people who use the internet day by day. Business cards and fliers are also good ideas, as long as they are distributed well, executed correctly, and get to the right people. The key here is advertising where your target market can access it.


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