It used to be that you had to be a big business to get your small business bookkeeping outsourced. Then the big accounting firms started outsourcing bookkeeping overseas while maintaining US presence for the face to the customer. Then there were a host of small business bookkeeping software programs and services that we smaller businesses could use. Now small businesses dont even need that.

A few different small business bookkeeping services are now around that have inexpensive pricing and virtually effortless systems for getting your accounting bookkeeping accomplished. They generally work online, sometimes even logging into your computer to do your small business bookkeeping (although I prefer not having to worry about that). Such bookkeeping services are usually about 20-60% of the cost of a local bookkeeper. They also sometimes, as in the case of (see below), use both machine and human verification to increase the accuracy of your small business accounting.

Arguably the leader of the pack is (888-994-8626 in Boston). They provide weekly (at least in my case) envelopes for pick-up of the copies of all my receipts. The envelope is coded and pre-paid so I literally just slip it into the USPS to a processing center. At the center, they securely scan, optically read the receipts, verify the records, and then a bookkeeping team with oversight processes the paperwork into QuickBooks (in my case and probably most as QuickBooks has a vast majority market chare). I believe the service is also available for bookkeeping in Canada as well although you may want to verify that.

One of the reasons I dont do my small business bookkeeping myself anymore is price. Pricing for small operations starts at anywhere from $ 149-400/month ( is $ 149 with some limits). I think they can offer that price because a lot of the work is automated but a local bookkeeper charges about twice that much. Not to mention that having outsourcing bookkeeping allows me to spend more time making sales! With such online bookkeeping services, one can literally spend like 10 minutes per month the loss of headache alone is worth the price, not to mention everything is totally organized and year-end small business taxes is a breeze (which is also offered).

You can also check out if you want a reference for a certified public accountant (CPA) although bookkeepers tend to be more inexpensive. is a referral service that is free for US and Canadian small businesses. They have a small research team to find the right accountant for you. I understand they also refer bookkeepers as well but you may want to verify that. is one of the fastest growing bookkeeping services in the US. This innovative service uses a combination of cutting-edge technology and experienced professionals to cut small business bookkeeping costs 20-60%. And it can reduce the time spent on your books to less than 10 minutes per month! Call us at 888-994-8626 now!