Ministry of Commerce has announced “the implementation of new varieties of home appliances to the countryside subsidy program,” will increase the range hood Zhejiang new varieties as home appliances to the countryside. It is understood that the sales price range hoods will provide financial subsidies for 13% of its maximum subsidy amount of 338 yuan.
The new varieties were short-listed home appliance range hood, electric bicycles, DVD players, electric rice cookers, gas stoves, electric pressure cooker six, allows provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) to choose a new species into the policy of subsidies for home appliances to the countryside range. According to a wide range of product, industry driven and strong principles, Zhejiang selected range hood as a new species. New species are still farmers and subsidies to target state-owned agricultural, forestry workers, the purchase of two per household, the new varieties of specific models generated through public tender. The winning bid was bringing home appliances distribution companies are to sell the winning hood.
In addition, I also learned from Xinhua, Hunan chosen gas stoves as a new species, the maximum subsidy for each 195 yuan.
New varieties of home appliances to the countryside is still in publication stage, the specific models will be decided through bidding, but also through the sales outlets for the record and other procedures, is expected until the second half before they can enjoy the relevant policies.
Range hood and gas stove appliances to the countryside among the varieties, the production company is definitely a huge positive for our city kitchen enterprises, is also a great opportunity. Tupeng Zhong, deputy director of Economic and Trade Bureau told the author that they had just heard the news, these two days is to inform the relevant companies, asking them to do to participate in the tender preparation. Okuda CEOs Sun Weiyong said, whether to open up the domestic market and to enhance brand awareness, this is a good opportunity, they will do our best to fight.

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