An axiom of truth is revelatory about the way business is conducted in the everyday world. People are enamored with buying different goods, whether for necessity or luxury. On the other hand, they hate being sold anything especially in a coerced manner. The standard is clear: the buyer’s bargaining power is quite strong while the seller’s are at an impasse. The latter can definitely benefit from a business strategy that will empower them to sell more products or services.

However, Robert Hathhorn points out that the most glaring deficiency Multi-level Marketing (MLM) companies present is the lack of sales training it gives its marketers. As long as they can get more and more people to bite the bait and hop on the bandwagon, it does not matter what happens to their mainstays.

Hathhorn iterates the need for marketers to become more feedback-oriented and actually listen to their customers rather turning the conversation into a monologue of why customers need the product. But marketers always overlook the customers. What benefits will they be getting from such a purchase, if any?

It is natural for a marketer to tend to zoom in on their product because after all, the end goal is to exchange a quality product for a given monetary value. The trap in this, though, is that in the attempt of making such a transaction, there is the possibility of disrespecting the customer, especially if he or she is genuinely uninterested with the product line being offered.

In addition, Hathhorn adds that the MLM institutions keep glossing over their product. Selling the product and making money are at the top of their priorities, never mind all the unsuccessful marketers they trample as they move along. Another flaw MLM companies commit is putting on the guilty face and making a potential customer feel bad about not sharing the benefits of the product with other people.

So how does a marketer overcome all the hurdles that MLM companies have put up? The outlook towards selling the product must be project-based. By shifting the paradigm, the task is seen as one that awaits completion with rewards waiting at the end. It is not a guarantee of future gains, but Hathhorn believes that these types of marketers should be better than the great majority who are at a standstill or at a loss.

Initial capital can only take a marketer so far. The ability to push a product with the right amount of prodding, production and determination will make or break the marketer. No product can sell itself, no matter how effective it really is. All products are static until the marketer acts upon them and transforms them into a created need.

There is no perfect and foolproof business strategy set in stone that can guide a marketer to always be successful in bidding his products. What can be done though, is the right amount of preparation, finding a constant source of motivation and drive, and most importantly, finding the right niche market that goes hand in hand with the product line.

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