Many individuals and businesses have realised that the online auction site eBay can be a great source of income and has helped to spawn many home businesses and provide a new market for businesses to explore. The whole system has seen plenty of success for many people selling online but there are some risks to the seller as well as the buyer.

In recent years many sellers have voiced their concerns that the regulations seem to lean in the buyer’s favour as they try to apply their business to the old customer and retailer relationship, this can be abused though as some buyers will claim not to have received their order when in reality they have. One small business stated that because they rely on positive feedback from customers there are often situations where they know the buyer is lying but are powerless to act as they fear a poor feedback point marring their customer service record.

A lot of the issues between buyers and sellers are down to the item not arriving within a certain period of time or at all. If your parcel has been sent via a slow service or one that does not provide tracking or requests signatures upon arrival then you could run into these problems that could harm your business.

The best solution is to insist items are sent via a secure parcel delivery service that includes tracking or at the very least some form of confirmation of delivery such as a signature upon arrival. This ensures that all parcels that are sent are accounted for and gives both the seller and buyer reassurance that the item has been delivered safely.

Of course using a recorded form of delivery will typically cost more than simply sending first class through the post office; you should consider how valuable the item you are sending is and whether it is worth the extra cost to send via a more detailed parcel service. Some cheaper or smaller items may be less costly to replace and send again than sending via a more expensive parcel delivery agent, but with expensive or delicate items you should definitely send via a courier.

Many people send expensive items such as mobile phones and computer parts these days so you should ensure you not only use a courier but insure your parcel as this often doesn’t cost much extra and may even be included in some courier services. With many people entering a lot of confusion and stress over lost parcels you should do all you can to make sure that you send your important deliveries via a reputable service.

When sending important parcels make sure you are safe and use a recognised courier company for your deliveries, and one that specialises in home deliveries to get your eBay parcels delivered successfully