While it is still basically true that time is money, it is information that is the key to business success and thus making money. There are several general resources for business owners to get information and actual business assistance from.

The most common and well known resource is from published material. This can be from what is called traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, newsletters and stories from television and radio news. It also includes information from new media, including internet web sites, blogs, ezines, search engines and the newer and rapidly growing world of online social networking. This includes resources such as FaceBook and Twitter. For business purposes, there are specialized online networking resources such as LinkedIn.

Another general resource for business owners is through consulting or participating with organizations geared towards the business owner. These include the Small Business Administration, local Chambers of Commerce, local Business Improvement Districts and business clinics and incubators usually run by colleges and universities. These resources not only provide a great deal of information via publications, classes, workshops and personal consultations, but also often provide actual assistance. This help can include help in obtaining and submitting forms, getting referrals and introductions and hiring employees or interns.

The least used, but most powerful resource, is other business owners themselves. In particular, other business owners in the same or similar line of business as you are. Even those other owners in dissimilar businesses, but cater to the same geographic area or customer base as you do are a very valuable resource. While the best way to utilize this type of resource is a one-on-one interaction, many find this uncomfortable or impracticable. Another good way of interacting with these people is through local business and civic organizations. Some examples are the local Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Lion’s Club and trade groups. Another place to meet and interact with them is at business lectures, workshops and trade shows.

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