Residual income is the income that is not physically worked for. Residual income also known as passive income is the income created after the initial labor has long past. Apartment buildings, real estate in general, stocks and bonds, 401k’s, and pension plans are a few of the most common types of residual income models or plans that most people are familiar with.

In recent years many of the residual income plans that people were depending on for retirement have shrunken away to almost nothing because of the recession in the economy. This has always proven to be a problem with plans that relied mostly on funds being earned from money invested in the stock market. To have a almost save residual income, money should be well diversified in many different income streams.

When employees go to work for someone to earn a income and we are paid for our services by the hour or salary our income stops when we no longer provide our service to that employee, this is why most people who worked for others never create any substantial amount of wealth. Simply put, no work no money.

Many business owners run into the same problem because they rely totally on sells to generate an income and when there aren’t any sells being made there’s not any income.

So what’s the answer?

Looking to the internet for solutions is the best place. After all it was created to provide information and solutions so why not look here?

Many internet based businesses offer a residual income that comes into play after the initial sale. Network marketing direct sales opportunities offer some great opportunities but be sure to do your due diligent, as in any business, some are legit some aren’t. If you begin an internet business that doesn’t offer some type of back end sales income, remember no sales no money. Make the choice that’s right for you and begin to build massive wealth.

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