Raising teenagers successfully is no easy job. Recognizing signs of stress of your teen is another daunting task. There are many sources of stress parents need to identify and take note of. One of the most common sources of day-to-day stress for teenagers are problems with peers such as having quarrels with friends, being bullied, breaking up with boyfriend or girlfriend and dating problems. Having issues or difficulties with parents at home or not doing well in school is another major source of stress without a doubt. Involved in too many activities or projects and having to meet high expectations can usually create stress upon teens. Change of environment such as moving to a new community or school has enormous effect on teens as well.  

Ask yourself these questions:

Does your teenager have tension or migraine headaches?

Does your teenager have constipation or diarrhea frequently?

Is your teenager experiencing any dizziness or dizzy spells?

Does your teen have trouble thinking clearly?

Is your teenager eating more excessively or have a loss of appetite?

Is your teenager experiencing sleep disturbances, insomnia?

Does your teenager feel ‘out of control’?

Has our teenager been forgetful?

Is your teenager over reacting to small problems?

Has your teen shown more moodiness than normal?

Has your teen been involved in risk taking behaviors? Such as drinking, smoking, sexual activity, etc.

Is your teenager having problems with chest pain?

Does your teenager complain about shortness of breath?

Does your teen have back, shoulder or neck pain?

Signs of stress are not necessarily easy to detect. Very often they are confused or dismissed with changing behaviors most teens exhibit during the adolescent years. Raising teenagers successfully during this turbulent time requires parents’ early detection of signs and symptoms that stress brings on.  

Do not hesitate to ask for professional help if you think the issue at stake requires further attention or medical treatment. Establishing an open communication line with your teen and encourage your teen to talk about what he or she is going through is the first and foremost to offer help to your teen. Your teen may not want advice; but do not be discouraged if he or she rejects your effort and shows irritation. These are normal reactions to stress. Most importantly, let your child know you are always available for them whenever he or she needs you. Keep in mind, building an open and positive relationship with your teens is the first step towards raising teenagers successfully and survive living with teenagers in one piece.

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