The Government believes, every state of India should be equally represented for recruitment into various government departments, especially into one of the most coveted career option of today, the civil services. Therefore, various commissions have been appointed by the government to conduct exams and interviews in states like Bihar, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh etc. These commissions conduct competitive exams on state basis and recruit deserving candidates.

Bihar Public Service Commission:

BPSC is an efficient commission that conducts state competetive exams and interview sessions in Bihar.

It also advises the state government on matters related to recruitment, granting of extraordinary pension, framing and amendment of recruitment rules etc.
Earlier, it had its headquarters in Ranchi which was shifted to Patna in 1951.

There are two ways of recruitment adopted by BPSC, direct recruitment and promotion. Direct recruitment is done through written exam and interview, and promotion is granted to civil servants through departmental promotion committee.

Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission:

MPPSC aims at recruiting deserving and capable candidates for the government jobs in the state through objective methods of recruitment.

The formation of MPPSC was conceived to eliminate, favoritism, or personal likes, selection on basis of birth or giving preference to a particular candidate.
Recruitment is done on the basis of direct selection, promotions and transfer within one department to the other.

The main headquarters of MPPSC is located in Allahabad where all important discussions related to the recruitment are made.

Uttarakhand Public Service Commission:

UKPSC has undertaken the responsibility to appoint capable candidates to the services of the Union and Services of the state.

There are various sections of the commission that provide different functions. Some of the sections are library committee, annual report committee, rules committee, syllabus committee etc.

It also helps the state to make decisions regarding promotions and transfers of candidates within the state, or removal of any officer from his duty.
The exam and interview details are available in the official website of UKPSC which also involves vivid information of the syllabus.

Bihar public service commission, Uttarakhand public service Commission and Madhya Pradesh public service commission, all serve a common purpose. They help the state to choose the best candidates to be recruited for government jobs. They are also involved in other activities of the state, like promotions and transfers within the state. These commissions are sponsored by the state government which also takes care of their additional expenses.


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