Just like love, there can never be enough prosperity; physically, emotionally and spiritually. The key to calling in prosperity for yourself or your business are the key words that are used. I have a good friend of mine that owns a car lot and we all know now that business for everyone has been slow and for a lot of people it has been devastating. He told me that for the past two weeks not one person has stepped foot on his lot, not one. I asked him if he had his heart and his happiness in his lot. I went on to explain that people feel, they feel from a great distance away and are drawn without reason other than the way they feel to or near where you are, as you are to them. If you don’t have you heart or your happiness in your car lot people are gonna feel it. I went on to offer a very simple yet tremendously powerful technique that he can use to affect himself, his car lot and all the people in the area to feel prosperity on all levels from buying from him. The type of prosperity that changes people, in turn changes their lives for the better.

But first I explained what can kill prosperity. The largest impact we have seen on the planet that has killed prosperity is what we feel or believe to or the lack of in the market. A simple abundance of fear and skepticism about the outcome of the local and global market, as simple as this may seem will cause people to tighten or even halt their own spending habits causing prosperity to vanish. The power of feeling caused by a belief.

I told him that people are losing their faith in belief and are looking for something, hoping for it to come their way, but what they haven’t realized yet is that it starts with the changing of their own beliefs about how they feel towards everything. You don’t have to spend money to have prosperity, you can have it in happiness, friendships, good deeds, great relations, health, spirituality, emotional capacity, good thoughts versus stressful ones, and even in money. But monetary prosperity is the last part of it. When you have everything else monetary prosperity will flourish in your life.

I offered a technique that has an immediate result on you feeling good and everyone else feeling this powerful energy of unconditional prosperity as well. The keyword is unconditional. The technique can be performed from anywhere to anywhere. You can be sitting at home and do this to have an affect on something anywhere else, but you must have been to the desired location that you want this to affect.

Imagine up in the heavens a giant faucet. There is only one handle to turn and it takes many to turn it. Since it is in the heavens we require the assistance of angels to turn this so we ask, “for assistance to turn this faucet on as it will pour out a brilliant energy of a golden, yellow and red energy that is magnetized with unconditional prosperity for the physical, emotional and spiritual aspect of everything it comes into contact with.” (Do not use white light, as white light neutralizes everything it comes into contact with and here you want to magnetize prosperity, not neutralize it completely.) Regardless of how much you open the faucet only droplets of this energy comes out. The reason is that as each drop falls from the heavens down to the location there is time in between the next for all of this energy to soak up in the ground, the buildings, the vehicles, the fence, the plants and the people on this location. In fact the drops that are coming down are as big as the entire location. Just like a slow dripping faucet, we keep this open for a few days to unfreeze the grip of the lack of prosperity.

(To use this more than once ever 3 – 4 months can have a devastating affect, quite the opposite of the intended use, practitioner beware. The reason is that the good angels are happy to assist in anything that is unconditional, but if this is repeated more than recommended there is greed involved and you may have bad angels open the faucet and taint the desired intent with something really bad.)

So my friend did this from his home and after finishing he started to feel better about his car lot, about himself, about the business in general. He called the lot to speak with the manager there and the manager told him he had to go because he had customers on the lot. My friend called me happy as a kid in the candy store. He said, “Joe, coincidence or not, I don’t care all I know is that it works.” Let me tell you, it works. The secret is that you must not do it for anything other than unconditional for all aspects of the physical, emotional and spiritual experience. Because you may want money and money is what keeps the oil in the gears, but what keeps the gears going is people feeling good and believing in more than just money.

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