I am going to write a number of articles on this subject. I need to go in-depth with each article, so doing it in one will be much too lengthy. So I will need to do this in several articles. And I believe you will find them to be very helpful.

Building a successful, profitable online business is like building a house. Leave out key components and the house will likely fall. Successful and profitable online in-home internet businesses are the same. There are several key components you need to implement to build a successful business. They are all inter-related. If you leave one or two out it’s not going to work. The wonderful thing is, most of them are attitudes, and we can change our attitudes.

Change. It’s a word so many people are afraid of. We don’t like to change. The truth is we get comfortable. We don’t want things to change around us. We want circumstances around us to change, but WE don’t want to change. But the reality is nothing stay’s the same. Everything around us is constantly changing. It’s just a fact of life. Life is really about change. Would any of us really want to stay a teenager! I for one am glad I changed and finally grew up. The other truth about change is we can’t stop it. No matter how hard we try, life and everything around us, including ourselves, will change. One of the keys to success is learning how to control, handle and not fear change.

I know what you’re thinking. What does change have to do with building a successful, profitable online business? It has everything to do with it. Number one; Most of us need to change what we are doing to earn money. Ask yourself this; If what you’ve been doing to earn a living for the last several years could make you rich, wouldn’t you be rich already? If not, then you need to change something. Working for someone else is not the answer. You need to build your own business. You need to be in control of your life. I hate to be blunt, but if you work for someone else, you’re not in total control of your life. You’re employer controls your income, the time you spend away from your family, when you can take a vacation, if you can take a vacation, etc. Are you getting the picture? Especially in this economic time, employee’s have less control of their lives, because they can lose their jobs at anytime! So people need to make a change. And the best and smartest change they can make is to build their own home based business.

Next we need to change our attitudes and the way we think. Wealthy people think differently than broke people. We need to think positively. We need to think about success and the things we want in life. We need to think and then believe that we can change for the better. If you find it hard to start this process, write down on a piece of paper the things you want in life. Write down the things you want to change in your life. Write down everything you want to change and what you want. Then read it every hour of every day. This will truly help you to start thinking about the things you want in life. Refuse to let doubt and negative thoughts come into your mind. Believe me they will come, but the wonderful thing is, you can choose to think positive thoughts. Write down good and positive things on your paper, and when negative thoughts come, read your paper again.

Remember: We as humans have the gift and ability to choose. We can choose how we want our lives to be, and it all starts in our thoughts. If we don’t like how our life is, change. Change our thoughts, change our beliefs, and change our lives. Change is a good thing. Choose to change YOUR LIFE today.

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