The paternity test is done to determine the biological father of the baby. If the test is done in times of pregnancy, it is called the prenatal paternity test. This test is not a newly devised idea to establish the paternity. The test was first performed in 1953 immediately after an amazing discovery that each of us has a unique DNA structure.

There can only be a mixed answer to this question. It is required for an individual who has any doubt over his paternity of the to-be-born child. Though this test can be done even after the birth of the baby, but for the immediate clearance of doubt, the prenatal paternity test is the only answer. Some suspect that their wives are having extra marital relationships and most probably they have not fathered the unborn children. In that case they urge their spouses to give consent to this paternity test to dispel the doubt out of mind.

It requires a long debate and still any unanimous consensus can be reached at. There is hardly any universal yardstick to measure the ethics. The moral perspective of a person may match or can be at great variance with that of the other. But this is the only route to be sanguine of the paternity of a child. The DNA paternity test can also be done to dig out the truth regarding the paternity issue. Such test can be performed even when the child grows up. But in that case, it may be a disturbing fact for the child in the event of any negative result. The child will be mentally crippled due to the explosion of truth. Prenatal paternity test is safe because the unborn child will not have any feel of trauma or turbulence if the result of the test is unexpected and shocking. Some ethical problems may be involved in the whole issue but the test is legally approved.

The DNA is a tiny, twisted and twirl strand that plays the most vital role in carrying the hereditary factor from one generation to the other. The configuration of the four components, adenine, thymine, guanine and cytosine are responsible for our physical attributes that we inherit from our parents and also any abrupt mutation. The DNA paternity test is done by comparing the DNA samples of the parents with the structure of the child. The prenatal paternity test can be done in either of the two ways though some amount of risk is involved in both of them.

One of the tests is known to be CVS. It is the abbreviated form of Chorionic Villi Sampling. It is done at the early stage of pregnancy (within 10 to 13 weeks of conception). The cells from the placenta are extracted to determine and reveal the parental identity of the child. The second process of it is called amniocentesis. It involves a process of insertion into the amniotic fluid that surrounds the baby and cells. Both of the tests involve insertion of an exotic object into the body that may cause infection to the expecti


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