Business owners need solid exit strategies to be able to make successful transitions, such as handing over the business to a co-owner or family member, or selling off the company. If you’re a senior who doesn’t have a good exit strategy for his or her business, you won’t be able to make the most out of the transition, and may not be able to get maximum value for your business when you decide to sell, for example. As such, planning ahead and planning well are integral.

You may need to pool together a professional team to help you establish your transition plans and work through the transition when it happens. Business owners often have a couple of trusted people who advise them on their businesses, but it can be infinitely more helpful to collaborate or work with a team that consists of experts, including a CPA, tax advisor, estate planner, investment banker, and financial advisor; all of whom who specialize in the development of exit strategies for business owners. In your planning, you’ll need team members who have specific backgrounds, and can look at the exit issue from their own perspectives. When these members all work together, you can be confident that all aspects and angles are considered and discussed to make the best decision possible.

After you’ve created your team, you need to be prepared to let them in on your business, your exit objectives, business valuation, and many other considerations. Your exit objectives need to be clearly delineated and identified to find an appropriate method with which you can exit your business. With the team, you’ll need to inform them about factors such as your personal and business goals, choices of exit route, your business’ key employees, and so on.

Some owners may consider the business’ sale or handing down to a family member or co-owner so the business will continue growing, while others may want to sell to a third party for a huge windfall. These are just a couple of concerns business owners may have, which necessitates working with a group of experts and advisers.

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