There are a lot of companies today that appreciate how great it is to have an online version of their brick-and-mortar store. After all, there are already millions of people nowadays who use the Internet as one of the major proponents of their career and personal lives. Due to this boom in technology, there are also companies which have made a big name out of themselves through ONLY the Internet. These online businesses know that in such a fast paced and competition-tight business, impression matters and when impression matters, the make-or-break deal oftentimes rely on your website design.

So really, what makes a great website design? How can you tell when a website design is sure to make one’s online business move forward?

First of all, you must know that when it comes to internet use, speed matters. Did you know that it only takes 5 seconds to make a good impression to a first time page viewer? Therefore, when a prospective client opens your website and does not see anything good or useful in your site, then it only takes less than another second to just click the X button at the upper right corner of their window. Or press alt+tab and switch to a more interesting site.

However, before you get to hit the right first impression, you had to make sure your page loads up fast, or you lose a potential customer/ sale. Pick a website design that’s not too file-heavy, so you scrape those extra nanoseconds in loading. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg knew speed and server reliability was #1 when creating a really topnotch website.
After that, you can move on to the aesthetics. Pick a website design that is relevant to your business IN ALL ASPECTS. Do the colors reflect the colors that you use in your business logo? Or do such colors complement each other? Do they look easy on the eyes despite whatever screen is used (LCD, CRT, LED, etc.)? Add more recall to your business name and build a stronger brand by having a website design that totally speaks of your image.
If your business is in the construction and hard corporate categories, go minimalist. If you are in the Pop Fashion business, then you can be a little color-playful and maybe even, eccentric. If you are informational in nature, go contemporary and easy-to-read. This way, your web page design also complements your content.

Lastly, pick a website design that’s easy to navigate. Sure, all those animated and hard-coded effects might be visually appealing and impressive, but does it serve the user well? At the end of the day, your website is STILL an extension of your office/ business, and if it’s difficult to navigate, then your prospect client will just get lost along the way and leave you. For starters, it’s best to put the navigational menu on the left side of the page, as that is where our eyes usually start viewing .

It’s best to schedule an appointment with a team of website designers that you trust, and preferably, those who belong to a reputable company. Your website could hold (or waste) a really big potential just depending on its website design alone.

Frank Watmore has been in the design business for quite sometime. He dabbled with basic design software sets in high school and then pursued design more when the Internet boomed more than half a decade ago.

Frank knew the ins and outs of what really makes a good and affordable web design, and what really makes up a professionally done web page design. As a coach of many young website designers, he compiled a few useful thought about website design and all its trappings. His valuable input may be accessed through