There is a great assortment of heating products suitable for different purposes and requiring different levels of maintenance, not to mention incurred costs. Buying the best heating solution for a large house or a small room is usually a complicated task as there are numerous options to choose from. Whether you are looking for fully installed heating systems, solutions for bathrooms or portable heaters, superior brand Dimplex products may satisfy your taste and budget.

Installed heating

Installed solutions offered by leading manufacturers range from radiators to panel and storage heaters. Energy efficient radiators featuring slim grill designs are compatible with central heating systems which makes them great solutions for big houses and offices. Some models automatically control output levels from each heat source saving you money on energy bills. It is stated that you may reduce your energy consumption by up to 10%. If you are looking for stylish solutions to complement the interior of your living room, pay attention to slim functional panel heaters available in different designs. High quality brand Dimplex panel heaters feature convected heat for rapid warm up and electronic thermostatic controls to maintain the right temperature balance. It is possible to find stylish heaters in glass or panelled designs in black or white colours. Suitable for small and big rooms, storage heaters are considered the most cost-efficient in the range as they consume cheap off-peak energy reducing your electricity costs.

Heating solutions for your bathroom

Whether you are looking for towel rails, bathroom radiators or down flow heaters, it may be beneficial to buy established brand Dimplex products. Innovative towel rails in different sizes and finishes allow you to enjoy dry towel all year around and save energy. Ranging from full-size to very compact models, they provide more effective heat from a lower output and allow you to save space in your bathroom. If you are looking for bathroom radiators, pay attention to models featuring radiant heating technologies with supplementary surface heating films for the balanced combination of convected and radiant heat. When choosing down flow fan heaters, pick models designed for high level mounting with energy-saving electronic timers that automatically switch heaters off after a preset time period to prevent it being left on accidentally.

Portable heaters

Flexible localised heating solutions like reliable brand Dimplex oil-free, convector and multi-purpose heaters come handy when you move from room to room and want to enjoy warmth and silent operations. Eco-friendly oil-free heaters are lighter than equivalent output oil-filled models; they feature programmable timers and offer rapid warm up. Convector models are economical and practical solutions that come with forward facing grilles for enhanced heat throws. Compact multi-purpose models are the most versatile in the range as they can be used wherever localised heat is required, be it a greenhouse, conservatory or a bedroom. They are suitable for free standing or wall mounting which makes them space-efficient solutions.

When looking for new heating solutions for your house or office, it may be a good idea to pick high quality brand Dimplex products that include installed and portable heaters as well as innovative solutions for your bathroom.

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