Co., Ltd. was established in 1984, since the product entered the market, with unique design advantages and advanced management concepts, have achieved rapid development of the business. In terms of products has become a professional basketball shoes, football shoes, running shoes, tennis shoes, casual shoes, sports shoes and sports etc. series of clothing mainly to sports bags, caps, socks, glasses, protective gear, balls and many other series supplemented by sporting goods chain.

  In personnel and business, the Philharmonic after nearly twenty years and currently employs more than 4,000 people have 6 automatic production lines, and the introduction of advanced machinery and testing equipment imported footwear has been adopted international quality management system standard of ISO9001-2000 quality system certification and accreditation, security products of high quality production.

Since 1992, was famous product Philharmonic product experience, the best-selling products, quality reliable product, free products and many other national awards, and in 1998, the Philharmonic shoes become the designated product and the Chinese Athletics Association National Long Distance Team specifies shoes, won the society’s widely recognized and consumers.

Philharmonic now has more than 3,000 sales outlets nationwide and more than 30 offices in 2004, annual sales of more than 3.5 million pairs. At present, the Philharmonic has maintained the cause of the rapid development and growth momentum.

20 years, a short span. The difficult early days, the rough road of development, 20-year wind, frost, snow and rain, Philharmonic has been working in the journey, hard work. Accumulate in 2004, the brand Philharmonic had a long hard journey ushered in the glorious history of the development milestone year. With Stephen Chow grand Mr signed Philharmonic to build a center opening of the Shanghai market, the brand was renamed after the operation, Philharmonic a link and one, step by step to the pinnacle of the domestic sports industry toward nationalization. “Love sports, really happy” that, with the Philharmonic were relentless pursuit and efforts to achieve eternal heart Philharmonic will peak between the sport of dreams.

Article image Philharmonic beginning from the start not given up on their own Image, has Junxia from countries such as Middle and Long Distance World Championship team, to influence a generation of young flowers band, always looking for the best fit Philharmonic Philharmonic brand personality Ambassador endorsement, in 2004, when the Philharmonic is pleased to announce the Hong Kong comedy star Mr. Zhou Xingchi endorsement contract, all love sports, love life advocates excitedly spread the news Philharmonic: Philharmonic has finally found a character of its own brand endorser.

“Love sports, really happy,” Philharmonic attitude for life, for the movement of the interpretation of the classic comedy with Stephen happy, ordinary, in-depth heart same style.

News articles Philharmonic after 20 years of ups and downs, Accumulate, since 2003 the rapid growth stage, and gradually the peak of the industry step by step forward. May 2004, Philharmonic in Shanghai held an unprecedented large-scale press conference. The conference, on the one hand the public face of a high-profile media announcement with Stephen Chow signed cooperation of Mr., on the other hand to operate the industry announced a comprehensive brand Philharmonic began, is generally considered a milestone in the history of Philharmonic important meeting.

During the meeting, more than 1,500 music fans from around the country participated in the sale of the elite discuss the issues that they and the senior leadership Philharmonic common vision on the Philharmonic’s long development plan, and at the macro-and micro-architecture implementation of the broad consensus reached. In addition, more than 40 professionals from the country, the public authority of the media tracking agency reported the event the Philharmonic, and the first time after making a detailed report significantly positive, which has aroused widespread concern.

Advertising articles Power of the media is infinite, Philharmonic on the road in the brand know that, since 2000, Philharmonia has been accumulated for the cost of advertising more than 50 million yuan, involving the media include a number of CCTV Channel, Hunan Satellite TV and a number of domestic heavyweight film media agencies, while still a year of professional, popular newspapers and magazines published hundreds of articles related story. Key areas of marketing in the Philharmonic, all kinds of outdoor signs, light boxes, vehicle advertising is also the Philharmonic in recent years, the main form of advertising. Proved an effective advertising plan for the Philharmonic to open up the market further to create a good atmosphere, laying a solid foundation.

Marketing articles

A variety of promotions that directly affect one of the important factors of marketing, Philharmonic since 2000, to explore innovative and effective form of country-wide promotion and achieved a good market returns. 2003 Dry Dragon, promotional text messages in 2004, won awards, visit the Hong Kong Philharmonic for free, “easy to see through, double happiness”, “answer to win the Olympic Award” and other activities, are among the majority of consumers has caused a tremendous response, creating excellent sales results.

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