Today most income opportunities focus on selling some kind of product.  Often, it’s a hard road to profits.  Getting attention to your site when thousands of others are offering the exact same product can be daunting. And if Wal-Mart or Target are offering the same type of product at a lower price without the shipping, then forget it.  Once you get past the glowing sales letter that signed you up, you’ll see little action.

But I’m not here to discourage you.  The real key to making money online is to sell information.  And I DON’T mean warmed over reports and ebooks.  The Net has far too many of those already.

What people, millions of people EVERYWHERE need, want, crave, and can’t live without is PERSONALIZED information.  They want answers to their specific, individual problems.

I have dedicated the past decade to creating the Small Business Empowerment Association.  I did this after realizing millions of small businesses need help.

Typically a small business owner will get a great idea for a new business.  They figure out how to get their product or service to the public, how to finance their idea, even figure out how to earn a profit.  But often what they DON’T have is all the know-how they need and the many services they’ll need at an AFFORDABLE cost.

My association grew rapidly to a massive 128 chapters nationwide. We expanded quickly by offering low cost health care, marketing, financing, communications, ecommerce and more — all at super low group rates.  That was exactly what businesses needed and they gobbled them up.

Now I see huge numbers of small businesses struggling to get started, then stay afloat until they can become profitably stable.  These business owners are looking everywhere for ideas, advice, experienced know-how, and the kinds of services my group offers.

If you want to earn REAL money on the Internet, do it by giving these many small businesses the help they need to succeed.  How?

1.  Reflect on what you’ve learned as you studied and tried various income and business opportunities.  Your “tried and true” experience could be exactly what others need as they get started.

2.  Think about the many articles, ebooks, and web sites you’ve read in your time online. No doubt you’ve become quite knowledgeable about a variety of subjects ranging from how to write a classified ad, to how to get a web site, to how to work with customers via email.  Most people who start a business don’t know those things.

3.  If you’ve run or tried several small businesses, including a home-based operation, you know a LOT about how to get deals on the services and products your business needs. Maybe you know a good wholesaler who supplies products to your eBay business, or an affordable source for legal advice, or even ways to get a computer at reduced cost.

All these things are ideas, advice, and help millions of small businesses need right now.  Figure out a way to get what you know to those who need it and you’ve got a thriving consulting business that will add a nice income flow to your bottom line.

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