Ask any pet owner and they will tell you that they love their dogs as much as they love their own children. Most people will go to the ends of the earth for their dogs. They give them the best kind of dog food, take them on walks and pamper them with adorable dog clothes and accessories making them one of the most stylish dogs on the block. It is not uncommon to find pet boutiques popping up all over strip malls and shopping centers. These precious little stores are chocked full of everything imaginable to spoil your pet rotten. There are ultra adorable pet clothes from princess gowns to jeans and leather jackets, pet accessories like pet carriers, designer collars and leashes so your pet can travel in style as well as tasty treats, many made organically from local bakers who specialize in healthy and delicious dog treats.

Halloween has become a favorite holiday for dog lovers because they get the opportunity to really deck their dogs out in adorable and fantastic costumes. Avid dog enthusiasts can plan for months trying to find the perfect costume for their precious pups. Many people have custom costumes made that spend and arm and a leg. Most of these costumes will be worn for Halloween parades or in contests. If you don’t want to go the couture and designer route for your pet’s Halloween costume, there are always a bevy of spooky outfits’ available at most pet stores during the fall. You can dress your dog up as a fairy princess, a fireman, a vampire or a little devil in addition to countless more options. The possibilities are endless!

Some people look at a dog that is fully decked out in clothing and shake their heads in total disagreement. Many people have the opinion that dressing a dog is in someway inhumane and degrading to the dog because are meant to run free without the constraints of clothes. But, for those pooch enthusiasts out in the world today, there is nothing more adorably sweet that dressing your beloved pampered pooch up in a different choice of dog clothes every day. Even the most die hard of animal rights activists can deny that these dogs are incredibly pampered and spoiled and live an extravagant and posh lifestyle.

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