Coffee is great business. Extremely big. In fact, roughly one hundred and fifty million Americans- around half the population of the U.S. – loves coffee making an eighteen billion dollar market.
Supplements for the health are also a great and lucrative business, with sales of over five billion dollars in two thousand and nine. So what will happen when you have coffee and supplements and put them together? YOU GET ORGANO GOLD. Organo Gold was founded in two thousand and eight by the network marketing maestro Bernardo Chua. Mr Chua already have built up a five hundred thousand-member direct sales organization from the Philippines when he turned to distributing organic coffee as a outlet for his energies. All though Organo Gold is not revealing the figures on its team of representatives, it is not hard to find Organo Gold representatives on the web

One thing that prospective network marketers will love about Organo Gold is it’s possible to buy products and join as a distributor only through Organo Gold distributors, which are called representatives. In this way, Organo Gold, unlike some network marketing companies that allow their customers to directly order products, is very supportive of its distributors. It is also good to know that distributors will make a very good commission of fifty percent on sales of the product. This will give distributors a excellent choice if they would like to simply remain as a sales outlet or do the extra mile to do recruiting and mentoring a downline.

The company offers its distributors their own Organo Gold webpage which directly links to the main company website when it is time to order. The company’s website policies are not easily obtainable online so it is not easy to keep a record of how much margin distributors are having in designing their own sites. A glance at a few representative’s sites reveals little personal branding and little customizing of the individual sites, but with such a small sample size, it would be a mistake to generalize about the whole company without more evidence.

First the company sells a variety of coffees. But these aren’t your ordinary coffees – they are exceptional coffees that are a collective of ganoderma, which is known as the reishi mushroom. Ganoderma is known for many health benefits from lowering exhaustion to lower inflammation. Bring together all of that with research which seems to indicate that coffee itself has a wide variety of health benefits, and Chua seems to have come up with a possible gold mine. Organo Gold doesn’t stop at coffee, either. This company offers hot chocolate and green tea mixed with ganoderma, as well as ganoderma and other nutritive supplements. One Organo Gold representative’s website mentions a type of soap and a lip balm, but those products aren’t available for sale as (yet?) on the company’s main website. Another potential benefit of being involved in Organo Gold is that it’s only about 4 years old. Given the number of coffee drinkers and supplement enthusiasts in the Western world, it’s highly possible that this market hasn’t even got damp yet, let alone saturated.

In addition to online sales, the company says that you are able to turn any event into an Organo Gold event by serving the coffee and having it right there for sale. Just like any other network marketing companies, Organo Gold is positive that all anyone has to be interested in their products is just to taste it.
Of course, taste is important. This is people’s daily coffee, hot chocolate, or tea that we’re talking about. While some people may take any supplement no matter how nasty the taste, the people at Organo Gold were wise to put together their product by joining it with the things that many people love.
If you are interested in a healthy morning drink or you’re thinking whether or not you’ll benefit from a network marketing opportunity, Organo Gold may well be what you are looking for. If you love your coffee, holistic health, and money, the fact is, Organo Gold could be the perfect network marketing for you!

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